Tattoos, Frills & A Fountain – Trash The Dress [Tattooed Bride Blog]

Say hello to Kelly! How gorgeous is this bride?!! Her pastel dress, peach tones and her HAIR! I love that colour!

Today I bring you a shoot from Paris and LA photographer Juliane Berry.

This lovely lady is covered in beautiful ink and I love how summery and warm these pictures are. The water in that fountain look so perfect! The Bride’s dress is from Betesy Johnson and Tarino Tarantino shoes and jewellery. Her tattoos are so bold and colourful, yet look so soft from the lighting. She is too cute!

Do leave Juliane some lovely comments on this gorgeous shoot! – Rach.XX

9 responses to “Tattoos, Frills & A Fountain – Trash The Dress [Tattooed Bride Blog]

  1. OMG OMG OMG OMG! This much pretty may make my head explode!

  2. A Very pretty and feminine shoot. Her hairs gorgeous! I want that dress . . .x

  3. Too fabulous for words I need to do a photo shoot like this soooooooo bad

  4. Her hair is beautiful! And the dress is stunning x

  5. The parasol is such a nice touch.

  6. I just ADORE that dress. I’m normally not a fan of lace but that’s so lovely on her petite frame. Also I’m a sucker of swallow tattoos, I have 2 on the right side of my belly 🙂

  7. red lips and tattoos, sooo much to love about this shoot!

  8. Must be such a release to wear the dress without worring constantly about marks or getting it caught on things. I kind of expect that my ‘trash the dress’ shoot will be the wedding as soon as the formalities are over and I stop caring if I spill things on it!