Infinity – Alex & Lisa [Tattooed Bride Blog]

Today I bring you Alex and Lisa‘s wedding tattoos, which they got whilst on their honeymoon. Here is their story:

“So we got our wedding tattoos on our honeymoon in San Francisco.
We where both tattooed by Ryan Shaffer at Picture Machine
We decided to get tattoos to mark our wedding because it was such a important time to us and we really wanted to mark the start of our next adventure.  Having been together almost 14 years when we got married, it just seemed the right thing for us to do.

“Alex and I both got infinity symbols. Alex has drawn the infinity symbol on all my cards. Whether is was a birthday, anniversary or xmas card, there was always an infinity symbol drawn on the card and he even had it engraved on my engagement ring.

The infinity symbol refers to a quantity without bound or end.”

 I love the story behind their tattoos, very awesome!  – Rach.XX

2 responses to “Infinity – Alex & Lisa [Tattooed Bride Blog]

  1. That’s pretty darn awesome!

  2. I’m really loving that symbol. Very non-traditional and a sign of what marriage is really about. Awesome!