Marry Me Ink Hits Manchester! [Tattooed Bride Blog]

So here they are – FINALLY! I’ve been SOOOOO excited about sharing this shoot with you!

It all started out with a little message from Andrea Ellison Photography with regards to a wedding she’s recently done featuring a lovely tattooed bride (To be coming up on the blog soon!) as to if I could use her images.. More messages were exchanged and I was asked if I ever wanted to do a shoot for the Marry Me Ink site – She’s be up for doing so.

As you know – I was SO up for that! Details were exchanged and I was informed that we’d also be joined by Claire Penn Photography, Maria Bentley of Studio 1208 AND Victoria Thomas Make Up (The most fantastic/crazy/pink haired lady you ever did see!)

HA! Isn’t Victoria just fantastical?! After setting a date of when – it was a case of what themes, where the hell to get a dress and where to do all the shots. All being Northern lasses, Manchester was our central point and their Northern Quarter is TOO funky not to shoot in! Being a HUGE Afflecks Palace advocate, where better for me to parade around in a dress, no?!!

I didn’t need to look far for a dress – Kate Youdale of The Party Frock kindly offered to make me a dress.. Yes, that’s right – MAKE!! LOTS of tulle, in many colours – Ivory, royal blue & emerald green!

The epic spotty shoes are my own – Irregular Choice of course! As for hair accessories.. Anissa Lee offered to give her helping hand in providing some epic hair pieces, including a massive bow and a cute top hat! The sugar skull fascinator was supplied the wonderful Diablo Jo’s Rockabilly Accessories (which I may add – they have been kind enough to let me keep!). The gorgeous skully nesting doll necklace & ring were provided by the very talented Dolly Cool.
I seriously cannot thank everyone enough for all of their time and effort into making these items and letting us use them for the shoot. 

From drinking tea in the cafe to being bombarded by the public’s own tattoos & cameras – Manchester sure was tonnes of fun! And here it is again – a huge, HUGE thank you to everyone involved!

Do leave Andrea, Claire & Maria big love for their images they provided me with and for Victoria, Kate, Anissa, Diablo Jo’s, Afflecks Palace and Dolly Cool for being so generous with their time and supplies! – BIG LOVE! – Rach.XX

14 responses to “Marry Me Ink Hits Manchester! [Tattooed Bride Blog]

  1. Ahhhh bless you !!! thanks for the cool words…and how fab to see just how different all our styles are …..I don’t think I have laughed so much in ages …you are all quite mad !

  2. I should ban myself from your website as I always end up thinking up another tattoo idea!
    Brilliant photographs. The last one confused me as couldn’t tell if it was looking up or down! 😀

  3. oh my, where to start lil lady…what a treat for my peepers! Love, love, love the shots in the street, and in the stairwell…so much fun. TOTALLY putting those bad boys in my ‘photography inspo’ folder doll. you look utterly delicious, and the whole team did such an amazing job. can I come to the next one??!! 😉 Red xx

  4. marvellous! Flippin’ fantastic! And we’re still being told about it even now!!!
    One very proud mum xxx

  5. awww everything looks amazing!!! thank you so much for the sweet words – i had such a blast working with al of you girls, and i am amazed to see all the beauty from the day! xx

  6. FABULOUS! Aaah what a brill day, and what a TEAM! Love seeing Maria and Andrea’s photos too and how different they all are. Victoria did an epic job with the hair and make-up! Blessed to be able to work with such talented girls. 🙂 Rachael you totally rocked it! xxx

  7. Ahhhh you gorgeous lady! What fantastic photos and you just look far too stunning for your own good. I love the makeup done and of course the cut paper hair ribbon!

    Gorgeous, gorgeous girl!

  8. It would take a long time to list everything that I LOVE about these pics, so here’s just a few:

    – It’s Rach
    – It’s in Afflecks
    – It’s in Manchester (the most beautiful city in the world)
    – Breaking Dawn is on a bus in the background!

    No, in all seriousness, these are absolutely stunning photos. Well worth the wait (and you’ve been hinting at this big surprise for MONTHS!)


  9. Was an absolute pleasure and privilege to be involved in this shoot, lovely to work with such fun females….

    You look smokin’ Rach! 🙂

    New friends made, and hope we can do it again one day.. 🙂


  10. Thank you for all you kind comments – we had SO much fun! 🙂 XX

  11. ooooh the photos look amazing!!! I’m so chuffed I was able to help you out with the frock. Totally awesome shoot 😀 xx

  12. These photos are ace. Very proud to call you my friend & fellow Kings of Leon buddy!

  13. The photos look amazing glad my accessories could come in useful 🙂

  14. Fabulous shots! Very brave posing in the street with all the passers by …. love it! Especially ove the one of you sitting with a coffee mug at the table …. You look like a doll :))