An Ace, Naturally Tattooed Wedding – Stuart & Antonia [Tattooed Bride Blog]

Good evening! Today I bring you the wedding of Stuart & Antonia – A fabulous tattooed couple who celebrate in a Canterbury youth hostel! Emma Lucy contacted me with these images and they are so gorgeous!

Antonia made her own dress and it looks stunning and her string of pearls were made for her by Stuart’s Grandmother which were passed down to his Mother- such gorgeous colours that fits perfectly with her tattoos and the natural colour theme which they integrated throughout their day.

Here a few words about Stuart & Antonia’s day from Emma:

They put on a great party with the vibe of a house party (even had a big garden fire) where Stuart and their friends DJ’ed until the early hours and people kipped overnight in the dorms.

Slight hitch of the day – Stuart’s classic car broke down just as they were leaving the reception, I’ll never forget the sight of Antonia in her wedding dress and heels pushing the car through the centre of Canterbury! Unfortunately I would have caused a hazard if I had stopped to take a photo!”

This is one beautiful wedding! Do look through all the photos – it looks like such a fun day!
And their rings are epic! – Rach.XX
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  1. What a fab wedding. I love their rings – those are rad beyond belief. I also love the good cheer and humour they had when pushing the car. Some brides would dissolve in tears – it is so great to see them having fun with it!

    That is a dress and a half –