Haywood Jones Photography Part Deux – PHOTOGRAPHY GIVEAWAY!

So this week I’ve been sharing my love for Bethan at Haywood Jones Photography.
You can see the first half of the sharing  here of the fantastic Brighton shoot featuring the gorgeous Chi Chi Revolver.

Bethan contacted me a couple of weeks ago to put a fabulous idea forward.. To let all you tattooed lovelies have a chance of winning a FREE LOVE SHOOT with your other half/husband/fiance etc..

So.. The question is, what do you need to do for a chance to win this love shoot?

Firstly, Bethan is based in Birmingham, you have three possible locations for the shoot to take place.. Either Birmingham, London or Manchester.. It’s totally up to you guys!

Secondly, we think it would be cool for you couples to create a mood board of what you’d like to do within the shoot, either as a document or on Pinterest (I am currently addicted to using this site!) and email it in to marrymeink@gmail.com. Think themes and what fun you could have with it!

Email in a brief detail about you & your partner and what ideas you have for the shoot (Maybe use masks like in Nathan & Heidi’s engagement?) with your attached pin board. 

You have until Sunday 22nd January to get in your entries in, where I will then choose THREE couples, to which on Tuesday 24th January, these three entries will be posted onto the blog where you, my delightful readers, get to choose the winner!

There we go! How does that sound?!! EXCITING!!

Go on.. Get pinning to your boards and get those emails in! – Rach.XX

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