Accessories Ahoy! Tuesday 21st February 2012: Purrfect Pinapples

“Fabulously Naughty”


Hello! Welcome to another (Well, only the second) edition of Accessories Ahoy!

I opted for alternative lingerie this time.. And by golly it’s just SO SUPER CUTE!
Purrfect Pineapples promote animal welfare and are a cruelty free range, meaning that they are sweat-shop and animal free, selling lingerie of Handmade bras, panties, garter belts, and corsets. Custom orders are also available for other sizes.


Jade + Cream Roses.
Model – Kristen Leanne. Credit –

Purrfect Pineapples is a cruelty-free high end lingerie label, designed and produced in Toronto, Canada, owned and operated by fashion designer Erika Shuhendler since 2004. 

Our products are hand-made and original, come in a variety of cutesy prints, fabrics and colors. When you purchase our items, you are paying for fair wages, quality and an original product. We offer a variety of sizes ranging from small to extra large, as well as custom orders for plus sizes and custom corsets.


Baby Blue w. Red Deer Soft Cup Bra & White Ruffle-Bum Bikini Panty
Model – Sharon TK. Credit –


Seriously! What’s not to like?!! Gorgeous fabric patterns.. Plus the tattooed models are absolutely gorgeous! – perfect for the the alternative bride to wear under her dress? Or even for the evening shenanigans..

Here’s are a couple of my favourite sets.. Seriously, let me know what you think of the range and what you think of the new Accessories Ahoy! posts. Are you enjoying them & finding them helpful & interesting? 


Ice Blue w. Yellow Roses Steel Boned Underbust Corset, Soft Cup Bra & Ruffle-Butt Booty Short Panty
Model – Cherry Dollface. Credit –


White Iridescent Sequin Soft Cup Bra & White Iridescent Sequin Garter Belt
Model – Lauren WK. Credit –


Turquoise + Cream Deer Soft Cup Bra, Turquoise + Cream Deer Steel Boned Underbust Corset & Turquoise + Cream Deer Garter Belt
Model – Krystyn Lea. Credit

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Twitter – @PrfctPineapples


3 responses to “Accessories Ahoy! Tuesday 21st February 2012: Purrfect Pinapples

  1. oh my, absolutely bootiful..if I didn’t already have my wedding lingerie sorted (from the amazing amuse bouche I’d so get me some of those…it’ll going onto my wish list on pinterest instead for now 😉 xx

  2. Rowr. Those are lovely. Love both of the corsets. Vehr nice indeed. x

  3. I like all the corsets a lot. I am looking for such new collection of lingerie for myself. I am very eager to have these lingerie in my wardrobe. The use of pink and green color in corsets is really looking very sexy.