Hello! Today I’m going to bring your some fabulous retro dress designs from Emma of Frock ‘n Roll Dresses!

“Hi my name is Emma Amies owner of frock n roll the online shop.

I make handmade vintage inspired clothing and accessories with a rockabilly twist. I am a self taught dressmaker and have a real passion for what I do. My garments are all unique and made using unusual and vibrant fabrics sourced from allover the world!
My love for the 1950s is captured in my creations and are all made to flatter women of all shapes and sizes. Recently I loaned some clothes to the lovely Coco Fierce who wore my dresses for a photo shoot which will be featured in a rockabilly magazine!
I also love tattoos and have ten myself! with more plans for more in the very near future!
Some pieces are total one offs while others are available in a range of sizes. I can make to order and frequently add new items on my website.www.frocknroll.biz
Aren’t they fabulous pieces?!! Leave some love for both Emma and Coco Fierce – they look fabulous! (My personal favourite is the leopard print!)
Also – Coco Fierce is currently competing to become Miss Tattoo UK and has reached the top 20. You can vote for here here: www.design4lifetattoo.co.uk/ltc/content/coco-fierce
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
(Photography credit: www.davidmcgathan.co.uk)

One response to “LETS GET READY TO FROCK ‘N’ ROLL!!

  1. what a stunning lady coco fierce is…and she’s lost 6 and a half stone! having lost 5 stone 13.5 pounds (so far) I know that’s no mean feat 😉 gorgeous dresses too…perhaps a post-wedding day party outfit is required from Frock n Roll… 😉 xx