A Spring Science Fair Bridal Shoot by Marry Me Ink [Tattooed Bride Blog]

It’s finally here! Marry Me Ink’s first styled bridal shoot!

The idea of a Spring Science Fair came about when discussing different themes for weddings one day out with a friend.
The mad scientist look!

Being a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory and an absolute sucker for science geekery – What better to combine all three sciences into one amazing shoot?!!

(Yes that’s a heart in a jar)

After much discussion with the amazing Ali Lovegrove Photography, vendors and friends, the team that was pulled together I was more than pleased with!
Leah of
Golden Apple Designs
created the most beautiful stationery for the shoot that I have ever seen. Seriously – I probably only sent her two emails with basic ideas and she created more on paper than what in could in words!

Unfortunately on the morning of the shoot, Allie (who was also modelling for the shoot) fell ill. This is the only reason I ended up being on camera again!
The aim of this bridal shoot, as well as being tonnes of fun, is further promote the beliefs that of which Marry Me Ink was originally built on – You can be YOU on your wedding day, showing off ALL your tattoos!

Chemistry.. It’s what makes a couple work.. Mixed with a bit of biology of the heart. The physics of what makes the earth go round.. Your love for your partner, the attraction of magnet poles (Without getting too soppy!).

We had so much throughout the day. Leah & myself had lots of fun getting the heart into the jar whilst Alice cracked on making Clare & Sally absolutely stunning!

Clare & Sally’s dresses were created by the amazing Dressing Room Boutique, the one I wore is my own Fearne Cotton dress which I’ve just never had chance to wear yet!
All accessories and props (especially the amazing bouquet!) were locally sourced from alternative boutiques and businesses who were more than delighted to let us use their products (See thanks for more information).

Do leave some love for all those involved. It was such a fantastic day, we had so much fun with it. From adding food colouring to the test tubes to standing around eating my homemade peanut butter cups! All girls involved are great & I’m truly grateful for everyone’s help during the months of preparation, weeks of collecting props and on the day of making it fun!  

Huge thanks to:

  • Clare of Dolly Cool for bringing a box full of luscious jewellery and looking gorgeous on camera.
  • Sally Monster with the most amazing hair for modelling. 
  • Alice of Kitty Wink Vintage for making us all look like neon signs. 
  • Leah of Golden Apple Designs for creating the most geek-chic stationery you will ever see and for taking the long journey to hand deliver them on the day.
  • The Dressing Room Boutique for supplying  Clare & Sally’s dresses. 
  • L.O.V.E Bouquets for the gorgeous “L.O.V.E ROCKS” bouquet complete with skulls and spiders.
  • Kalandra Jane Designs for the elegant and bespoke  hair pieces.
  • Rose Bridge High School‘s science department for allowing us to use their props.
  • Purpose Life Church for allowing us to use their whole building for the afternoon.
  • And of course, the outstanding Ali Lovegrove Photography. For travelling all the way down with Leah, documenting the day and taking the time to edit the photos. For creating multiple amazing images of the array of props, models and prep of the shoot, behind the scenes and footage of the day.

7 responses to “A Spring Science Fair Bridal Shoot by Marry Me Ink [Tattooed Bride Blog]

  1. Wow! Love the colours so much, they just pop! And ladies, you are all looking just a little bit hot witwooo! Good job everyone 🙂 xxx

  2. This is so geeky… LOVE IT!! The skeleton makes me laugh I’m sure its looking at me??! Looks like you had a really fun day, and the images are fantastic!! The stationery is so cute, science fair geek.. did I say I LOVE IT??!!!

  3. I really enjoyed doing this shoot and am so thrilled with the results. Something really different and a pleasure to be involved with. Thanks for the opportunity xx

  4. Thank you so much for asking me to be a part of this unique shoot Rachael. Such a fab idea and safe to say I’ve not seen anything like it out there – good job! A pleasure shooting you and the girls, thank you for such a lovely day 🙂 xx

  5. I LOVE this so very, very much! You all look like you had loads of fun 🙂

    (I also have the Fearne dress!! Yey!)

  6. Wow! This is really amazing. I was trying to so hard to say which pictures I liked best, but as I kept scrolling down the lis got too big! I do especially love the ones of the makeup, the bride label, and the birds-eye-view of the test tubes. Great set up and it looks like it was a really fun day.

  7. I am really LOVING that bouquet! I gotta get me one of those!