Accessories Ahoy! Wednesday 3rd July: Must Destroy Jewellery [UK Tattooed Bride & Wedding Blog]

It my absolute pleasure to introduce to you MustDestroyJewellery to Marry Me Ink today as part of the regular Accessories Ahoy! feature.  

I’m Clare, I live in Essex with my husband and I have run MustDestroyJewellery for the past 5 years. I do this largely in my spare time, alongside my day job at a local nursery. I started MustDestroyJewellery after growing frustrated at not being able to find the kind of jewellery and accessories that I liked – and when I did find them, they cost a small fortune. 

I began making bits for myself and would often get asked where I got them from, I then decided to set up a Facebook page and then a website. We currently have over 3800 fans on Facebook and are going strong. I mainly sell online but I do venture out to fairs and events. I regularly hold a stall at my local roller derby teams bouts and I will be at the Kustom Kulture Blast Off in Peterborough at the start of September for the second year running.

Not many of my own tattoos have much in the way of symbolic meaning, I love the idea of Dia De Los Muertos so that inspired the have sleeve on my left arm, I have a bit of a fascination with skulls in general. I had my magpies done just after my nan passed away. I always remember her telling me that rhyme on Saturday’s when we’d go and visit her. Even though not all of my tattoos have a deep meaning, I can remember where I was – in my life not location – when having them done, so they serve as more of a personal reminder rather than a tale to tell.  

All forms of art inspires me, I love the work of Vince Ray and Sailor Jerry. My customers are a great inspiration – some of the custom work I’m asked to do is amazing. 

My work is largely aimed at tattooed folk or at least people who appreciate the art work and style. I have plenty of customers who don’t have tattoos but love the designs. Hosting my stall at the events I go to is probably one of the few times I don’t feel judged because I’m heavily tattooed and a woman. Sadly, even though tattooing is pretty mainstream these days, I do still feel there can be a stigma in being a tattooed lady. I often get the “But will you look like when you’re older” question and I had “What will you look like when you get married?” not so long ago – I’ve been married 6 years this August so that’s really not an issue! My only regret is that I wasn’t as heavily tattooed back then.

It’s hard to recommend a style as each person has their own individual taste. I would however strongly advise them to do what they want. It’s their day that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Choose something you feel comfortable wearing (you’re going to be in it for a while!) and that compliments all the things you love. 

I personally love the vintage style but can never seem to pull it off, nice simple dresses look amazing and can be dressed up with accessories.

I do love Clare’s trinkets. My personal favourites are the swallows and the “All The Fun At The Fair” range shown above. 
Do leave some love for Clare and MustDestroyJewellery in the comment box and also by checking out all the other lovely item on their website and on their Facebook

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