Tattoo Tuesday: 10th July 2012 [UK Tattooed Bride Blog]

It’s that time again! Tattoo Tuesday on Marry Me Ink! I am LOVING all your emails and stories for the weekly post!
Today for Tattoo Tuesday we have Sera, owner of I am Magpie – The boutique designer. Here she shares her thigh tattoo!


“I really wanted a thigh tattoo before my wedding…
I had been thinking about it for ages and wanted a galleon like the pirates had as I used to live in Port Royal in Jamaica (where Pirates of the Caribbean is set) and I love boats (almost all my tattoo’s have some sort of water theme) and the narwhal (I have named nashville) was added because I couldn’t imagine it without him.
When I look at it now it reminds me of my San Francisco wedding and California honeymoon… and I love it!”

Isn’t it gorgeous?! Dont’ forget you can email in your stories and inkings for Tattoo Tuesday to

One response to “Tattoo Tuesday: 10th July 2012 [UK Tattooed Bride Blog]

  1. Gotta love a narwhal tattoo! (my hub calls me his narwhal!)