Tattoo Tuesday: Tuesday 17th July 2012 [UK Tattooed Bride Blog]

Hello! Yes, it’s TUESDAY!! More lovely tattoos for you!

Today I’m bringing you Sera of I Am Magpie and her husband’s lovely couple’s tattoos! (I previously featured Sera’s Galleon & Narwhal here)


“My other half hadn’t got any tattoos and we decided that we would like to get him one before the wedding – and we talked about matching ones… but we didnt want to have exactly the same! We decided that we liked the skull and cross bones shape but with our own things in them… I wanted blue and arrows and a bit navajo, and he wanted a bowler hat and crossed umbrellas… he is now planning a whole ‘gentleman’ sleeve…!!”

Aren’t they amazing?!! I can’t WAIT for updates of the gentleman sleeve! What a great and quirky alternative to the skull and cross bones! Also, isn’t their pooch a cutie?!!

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