Ginger & Allen’s DIY Garden Wedding

This week’s real wedding is one of the coolest outdoor weddings I’ve seen yet. I look how awesome both Ginger & Allen look in their vintage gear – even their names fit it!

Photographed by one of Ginger’s best friends – Andrea of  Blue Lace Photography who contacted me with these beautiful images of a couple who had their wedding exactly how they wanted it.

“This is a wedding that meant so much to me to photograph. It was a pivotal day in the lives of two people I love, Ginger and Allen. Ginger and Allen met at a bakery where they both used worked. Ginger is one of the most epic cake and wedding cake designers I have ever met, and Allen will soon be a teacher! Coincidentally, Ginger and I met at the same bakery when we were both teenagers, and she has been a close friend of mine for almost 10 years now.

“There were so many personal and unique touches that I loved about this wedding, but I’ll let Ginger explain where her inspiration came from:

‘My Grandma, in her old age, got sick with dimensia. She passed away before she was able to see me get married. It was very important to me that she was a part of the wedding, so the first thing that came to mind was to wear one of the old hats she had given to me years before. I hate white veils, so this hat was just perfect for me. From this came the vintage inspiration. We didn’t have much money, so most of the wedding was DIY. The wedding was in my parents backyard and we had a lot of help from friends and family.’

“When she says the wedding was DIY, she means everything. They made all the food for the wedding, and even the ice cream and waffle bowls were churned out in their home kitchen! They made all the center pieces, her (also the maid of honor’s) bouquet, and the boutonnieres as well. The lace for the table tops and backdrop were found at the thrift store, or were pieces they already had.

“My favorite part was the wedding cake made out of cheese! Ginger could have made any wedding cake she dreamed of, but because of her deep affection for cheese, they ended up with a cake made of the stuff.

“I am so happy I could be there to support one of my dearest friends. It was certainly a wedding that I will never forget!”

Aren’t Ginger and Allen the coolest couple ever?!! I love how everything was DIY – My favourites are certainly the cheese wheel cake, buffet table and flowers for the centre pieces.

Do leave the cute couple and their photographer Andrea some love!

2 responses to “Ginger & Allen’s DIY Garden Wedding

  1. Great looking wedding! Love the colours…and the cheese 🙂

  2. Drooling a little at that cheese-cake!