Tattoo Tuesday: 18th September 2012

Good evening!

I apologise for the quietness of late, it’s been manic here! I had the chance to visit the Warner Brothers’ studio in Watford on Saturday:

Full on geeking out with the Mirror of Erised!! (I have this as a tattoo!)

The Ravenclaw diadem.. I WILL own this one day!!

Anyway.. As it’s Tattoo Tuesday, I bring a very pretty pin up tattoo. A sailor pin up too:

Isn’t she beautiful?!! This lovely pin up was sent in by Claire Bullen-Jones.
“The artist is lady Kaz Wilson of Diamond Tattoos. I’ve wanted a sailor lady for years! They were beautiful ladies! Having a sailor lady has always been a must!”

Amazing!! Be sure to send in your tattoo stories for future features! Email

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  1. Thanks for sharing my work