Today I’m pleased as punch to introduce you to Young Love Apparel – an independent UK based clothing label for girls and boys! I, the lucky lady, had the chance to speak with the creators of YLA recently:

“Hi there, we are Jo and Sean from Young Love Apparel // YLA
Young Love Apparel is an alternative clothing brand, made for girls and boys.
Each and every one of our garments is lovingly created by us and designed for comfort and style. We started up our business in a kitchen in Manchester, UK inspired from guys like Raymond Pettibon (the guy who did the Sonic Youth’s “Goo” cover and Black Flag stuff), Daniel Johnston (HI HOW ARE YOU? T-shirt that Kurt Cobain always used to wear) and Charles Burns (Black Hole comic) among others.

“We are mainly inspired by punk rock ethic of going out there and doing things for yourself. We’d played in bands before and knew that if we wanted to do something we’d have to go out there and fight for it because no one would be willing to hand us it on a plate.

I think we realised early on that we wanted to create something special that meant something to us and would last. We didn’t just want to work meaningless jobs forever and have nothing to show for it.

“We both like classic looking clothes, with a simple and understated look. When we look at clothes and are designing we constantly ask ourselves if something needs to be included in the design and if the answer is no then it shouldn’t be there. We’re not fans of overcomplicated and overstated clothes – We prefer vintage and feel that a cut or a look has stood the test of time for a reason.

“Well I (Jo) have got a fair few tattoos – mainly my two sleeves done by Olivia Chell (she’s awesome you should check her out) at Sacred Art Manchester. They are black and grey, featuring skulls, art deco princesses, octopus and mermaids amongst other things. Apart from that I have my grandads service number on my chest from when he was in the war, that one means a lot to me and was my first tattoo I ever got. Finally, I’ve got the words “punk” and then “rock” on my feet.

Sean’s got a classic sailor jerry piece on his upper arm, I think it’s an original flash and he got it done for his lady Oalafile. We both got a tattoo done together actually, by Ben who is an apprentice at Sacred Art at the moment. We are big into Black Flag, so we got the bars done.”

Aren’t these illustrated beauties amazing?! My personal favourite is the Book Club T-shirt.

Be sure to check out Young Love Apparel on Facebook and Twitter!

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