Alternative Hen Parties!

Today I get to introduce to you fabulous Laura of Polestars who cater a wide range of alternative hen parties to suit everyone’s needs.

Polestars is a hen party company who have worked for eight years at delivering alternative activities for brides-to-be nationwide. We have ladies from all walks of life and who embrace all different styles come to us for advice. I was intrigued by because I personally do not have any tattoos but I have many friends who do, and I think tattooed brides look amazing! Being inspired by Marry Me Ink, I have put together a guide to the best hen party activities for an alternative bride.

Top five hen parties for alternative brides.

Planning a hen party is always stressful, either if you are planning for yourself or for somebody else. If you are not keen to take part in a the

typical hen night of cheap drinks, Chippendales and penis shaped straws – then look no further because this guide will help you plan a more unique hen party that the bride-to-be and her guests will remember for a very long time!

5. Sushi Making

Culinary parties have become increasingly popular in recent years and sushi making is the perfect party for the not so traditional brides-to-be. During these two hour classes you will learn the art of the ancient Japanese dish and you will be taught its history by a trained sushi chef.

Japanese culture is appearing more and more in the West and is a fascination amongst those following a more alternative lifestyle. Sushi making is a really fun activity that combines bonding with friends over learning a new skill and eating lunch! Anything that is left over after you have all feasted can be boxed up and taken home!

4. Pole Dancing Parties

Dance parties have been popular amongst hens for a long time, and pole dancing continues to be a favourite. Groups of hens love pole dancing sessions because of the sex appeal. Not only are you taught how to spin and climb the pole, but elements of seduction are included, which is a skill that the bride-to-be will love to learn!

Pole dancing has always been associated with strip clubs, but more and more women each year are fighting the stereotype and are taking up this empowering dance for their own confidence and for fitness. These two hour classes, set to back a drop of rock music that goes best with this style of dance, are a fantastic way to learn something that you never thought you would!

3. Seduction Classes

Seduction classes are a light hearted and fun way to tell your friends all about your deepest secrets whilst learning about the art of seduction and everything you need to spice up your sex life as you enter the world of marriage!

After the phenomenon that is Fifty Shades of Grey ladies are going crazy for this activity. Some of the activities included in this two hour session may seem a bit cheesy (challenges on who can draw the best penis for example), but they sure are fun! And what is a hen party without cheese?

2. Burlesque

Much like pole dancing, burlesque is an incredibly popular activity amongst hens because of the added sex appeal. Burlesque is much more sophisticated than pole dancing and is more appealing to a wider range of ladies. Burlesque is all about pouting and posing, ideal for girls who love to show off.

Burlesque is an art form that celebrates creativity and individuality which is why alternative ladies are so attracted to the sexy dance. What is even better is that hens are always encouraged to take the burlesque theme series by dressing up Moulin Rouge style for the whole hen night!

1. Vintage Makeover and Photoshoot

There is possibly nothing more glamorous than being made up to look like a real life pin up girl then taking part in a photoshoot as a hen activity! Makeup artists will have you looking like Betty or Marilyn in no time, and then a photographer will have you flicking your hair and flashing your teeth like a real starlet during your photo session!

This is a great experience for girls who like to look different and who want to stand out from the crowd. It is also the perfect excuse to let somebody else pamper you before a big night out!

“There really is something for every hen which means that nobody has to be typical! Planning your hen party far in advance is a good idea so you are dealing with as little stress as close to your wedding as possible. Remember that companies like Polestars are always here to help you out with any unusual ideas that you have!”

How great are these ideas? I personally love the sushi making class idea – What would be your choice for your hen party? Make sure you check out the Polestars website and see all the choices they have for your hen party and go here to contact them directly!

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