A Tattooed Wedding In Glasgow – David & Amanda

How beautiful is tattooed bride Amanda? 

Our tale is like Romeo and Juliet, we were working for rival alternative bars in Glasgow City Centre.

We went on out our first date a couple of days later, and we became inseparable  but we decided to keep it a secret from our friends. 
One evening in the Cathouse we were caught out by our friend Shel who screamed ‘ WHHHAATTTT?’ then ran away to get everyone else. I was surprised how quick they all came round the corner to find us holding hands and a wee bit blushed. However, they were all really happy for us, which was nice.

The highlight of our wedding day for me and the only time that I got nervous was when the doors opened at the registry office (Park Circus) for me to walk down the aisle with my dad by my side. Katrianne and my cousins daughter Mali-Vee in front and two of my bestest friends that I could not live without, Maggie and Gemma behind me. It was lovely to have everyone that I love and that are closest to us both in the seats in the registry office.
David’s highlight of the wedding day was when we were going about in the wedding car (Chevrolet Bel Air 1962) and having everyone looking at us when we were in it.
When I was searching for my wedding dress, I was trying on several different styles to suit my tattoos and my figure. I was worried about my Grandad as he is old fashioned and I was worried that he wouldn’t like my tattoos.. He wasn’t pleased but he couldn’t believe how lovely I looked and plus with my some of my friends tattoos on their chest, neck, and face, I wasn’t in so much trouble. I wanted to make sure that my tattoos were included and helped me make a statement along with everything else that we had included in our wedding.

We don’t have any couple tattoos or wedding tattoos, but we are both going to expand on the tattoos that we currently have.

Details of the wedding that represented us a couple were the bright colours of the flowers and the car and the little things like the favours that we had. They were mixed bag of 10p sweets from when we were at school and scratchcards that we had we bought 50 x £1 and only, what we know of won £5 from various cards.

I have family from England who have never been to Glasgow. We decided to put on a bus tour from the Park Circus Registry to the wedding venue. All our friends joined in the fun, where they got to drink some CAVA on the bus.

Thank you to Amanda & David for sharing their story with us today and for wonderful photographer Loraine Ross for sending these beautiful images through. Be sure to leave some love!

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