A Summer Carnival DIY Wedding – Chris & Megan

2013-01-02_0024Happy 2013! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and an even better New Year!

Today is the start of many exciting posts and beautifully tattooed brides & grooms coming your way! And to start it off, here is the wonderful Chris & Megan who met each other working in the same hospital.

2013-01-02_0048“We were both working there, and it was forbidden to date co-workers, so we had a secret romance. Most of our co-workers could tell that we were interested in each other, but no one ever knew definitively if we were dating or not while we both worked there.”

2013-01-02_0049 2013-01-02_0046“We had a highly personalized wedding, we wrote the entire ceremony, and had everything we wanted. We love the place we had it, we had our favourite band there, and just did exactly what we wanted to do.

The bridesmaids and I made our own bouquets, my husband and I spent twelve hours making the pennants for the ceremony, made the centrepieces, and set up the candy bar. Chris made fun house mirrors for the carnival, and our friends painted freak show banners. I made the zombie hand cake topper, and my veil.”


“Our friend Joe was our officiant, and we had talked about how he was the captain of the ship (metaphorically). I turned the corner with my dad and saw my husband looking so handsome, the ladies lined up being gorgeous, and Joe in his captain’s hat, boat shoes, and an ascot.

It was perfect.

The very best moment though was our first dance. We had taught ourselves to dance in the months leading up to the wedding and we were nervous. We had our favourite band play our wedding, and our dance was perfect. Our guests loved it, and I had so much fun.”


“I found my dream dress! I looked for something that would look good on my body style and be flattering to my very pale skin.”

Megan explains how her and Chris have numerous couple’s tattoos: “We both have cicadas, his is on his foot and mine is on the back of my arm. We each have a pompadour on the back of our ankle, and we have engagement sushi tattoos on the top of our ankle. We plan on getting carnival tattoos to commemorate the wedding, just haven’t gotten them yet.”

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