TATTOO TUESDAY – 8th January 2013

Yesterday I introduced you to the lovely Swamps, Marry Me Ink’s Tattooed Bride. Today, I get to introduce you to a wonderful lady whose work I have been admiring for quite some time now.

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Meet Charity, an amazing tattooist at City Of Ink.

“My name is Charity Hamidullah and I am trying to emerge my tattoo persona; Cake.  I am originally from Rochester, New York but as of now I am a 22 year old artist at City of Ink in Atlanta, Georgia.  Besides dabbling in ink, I too am a visual artist.  Some say I am a poet, but we won’t discuss that.  

Being an artist at City of Ink is quiet the task.  To many we are looked at as the emerging pinnacle of minority artist.  But, too myself I am just trying to enrich the world with my point of view of ink and art.  Being bi-racial it was my goal never to be categorized.  Yes, I want to be known as the height of minority tattoo artists, but overall I want to be the best period.  Art has no color.  Art is art and one can make it what they want to be.
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“My work and jewelry is inspired by life and surroundings.  Walking the streets I am drawn to the earth.  I live in the city of Atlanta, but still it is very green and full of beauty.  I love the colors and the energy of the earth, city life; constantly influence everything about me.  Living in a very forward city I see all the trends, but one thing that Atlanta embodies , and I have always believed.  Be different and embrace who you are as an individual.
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“In tattooing, creating a piece that is timeless is the true task and the real beauty of our art.  I am automatically drawn to the vintage look because I believe it is always beautiful no matter if you are getting married now or 20 years from now.
No matter what, all I can say is be you.  Own your own style.  No one can tell you what is or isn’t right for the style of your wedding.  If you want to walk the isle with a sundress, no bra and colorful knee high socks; do so.  Wear your head high and own the attention of all your guests. “
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How wonderful is Charity? Be sure to leave her some love!

One response to “TATTOO TUESDAY – 8th January 2013

  1. Ethan Alliss

    I admire Cake for being a young talented woman in an industry filled with men. I have been following her on Instagram for a while and absolutely love her art! I think she’s a refreshing addition to the City of Ink family. I’m looking to having her art on me. It will definitely be the accessory my wedding dress needs :-). Congrats Cake!