Tattoo Tuesday – The Beauty In A Snow Day

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the snow? We went sledging yesterday!

photoYes, I own a very cool owl hat!

Today I get to introduce you to the wonderful work of Josefine Jönsson, a wonderful fashion and alternative photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden, where they’ve experienced the most amazing snow. What better than a a field of snow and a gorgeous model full of tattoos to feature for this week’s Tattoo Tuesday? 

josefinejonsson_20121213_0104The beautiful model featured is Elegy Ellem who is also a performer, which means the images displayed are of a burlesque style and are stunning! I want one of these coats!


Be sure to leave Josefine Jönsson and Elegy Ellem some love!




One response to “Tattoo Tuesday – The Beauty In A Snow Day

  1. Uh-mazing. But holy crap….how cold? Brrrr! x