A DIY Alice In Wonderland Wedding – Nicola & Lee

2013-01-09_0035Good afternoon! Today I get to introduce you to the wonderful Lee & Nicola (Who had a look of Katy Perry don’t you think?) who had a lovely church ceremony and danced along to We Go Together from Grease.

“We would stay up until 2am most nights talking and texting text constantly.”

2013-01-09_0052“Lee worked away but came home at the weekends to see me. After a month he stayed a night and has never left since!

2013-01-09_0048“I tried to do a lot of DIY for our wedding as I wanted it to be as personal as possible. We made house of cards for our tables for the evening, which wasn’t as easy as it looked! My parents and the men went to the venue in the morning and hung playing cards and large clock watches on the trees. We made our own candy bar (which was fun!)

2013-01-09_0002“My tattoos are part of me. I actually wished I had more! A lot of people asked me if I was going to cover the stars on my face but I didn’t see why I should, I love them!”

2013-01-09_0011“The only down side I would say about looking for your dress and being tattooed is that you can come across shop assistants stuck in the past who choose to judge you, I definitely had a pretty woman moment! But times are a changing for those small minded people.

2013-01-09_0027“Our highlight had to be surprising our guests in the church by coming out the side room (after signing the marriage certificate). Us and our best men, bridesmaids, flower girls and page boy wore sunglasses and came bursting out dancing to Grease- We Go Together. Everyone thought it was brilliant and it was so much fun and showed our fun side.

2013-01-09_0024“Lee is more traditional so having a traditional church service was important and the Alice In Wonderland theme was a big thing for me. My brother in-law made us a great sign which had different arrows saying “this way> that way< Nick and Lee’s wedding day“. We had our cake toppers made to be the mad hatter and Alice but look like us which I loved!

2013-01-09_0042“We both decided early on that we wanted lyrics from a beach boys song for our wedding tattoos. On my hen weekend to Magaluf I got mine on my side to surprise Lee and he now has ‘God Only knows What I’d Be Without You’ across his collar bone.”

How wonderful are Nicola & Lee? Thank you to them both and the awesome Neil Thomas Douglas Photography for sharing their wedding with Marry Me Ink today!

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2 responses to “A DIY Alice In Wonderland Wedding – Nicola & Lee

  1. So cool! Tremendous job by Neil too!

  2. Such a cool looking bride, love her hair and these photos are such a great story of a fun looking wedding.