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Lisa Jane Alterantive Wedding Photography08Good morning! You may have seen this beautiful picture down the right hand side of the website before. This is because I LOVE Lisa Jane Photography, who is also a wonderful sponsor of Marry Me Ink.

Lisa Jane PhotographyToday I get to introduce you to the lovely Lisa Jane!

About me..
Quirky, Tattooed Red-Haired photo-obsessive. Loves cake, 80s movies, albums on vinyl and dinosaurs. Married in Vegas, Based in London but loves to travel!
Using and abusing all kinds of cameras for 15 years. I am just like you, I look forward to rock gigs, travelling to strange lands and the next Tim Burton movie!

Lisa Jane PhotographyMy style is..
Alternative. Adventurous.
I bring out the unique personality of every couple. Capturing the candid, smaller moments that are easy to miss, but treasured forever. Chasing genuine emotion and the story of their love. Producing imagery that would belong on your favourite album cover. Delivering evocative, timeless moments that you will frame, cherish and tell stories about forever.

Lisa Jane Alterantive Wedding Photography02This is what my ideal couples may have at their weddings:
Energy, a lust for life. Spirit.
Couples that are true to themselves, not afraid to inject their own personalities into their day.
Attention to Detail. Passion.
Uniqueness. Fearless attitude. Vision.
Cadillacs. Cocktails. Characters.
Dancing. Like no-one is watching. With your best friends.
Tiki. Geeky. True Love.
Antlers. Anchors. Adventure.
Live Bands. That one song that means the world to you. Goosebumps.
Energy, a lust for life. Spirit.
Couples that are true to themselves, not afraid to inject their own personalities into their day.

Lisa Jane Alterantive Wedding Photography07 Lisa Jane Alterantive Wedding Photography12

Why I would be perfect for your shoot:
I like to show the personality of my couples and I have a massive interest in alternative lifestyles. I love to talk about your first gig, your favourite tattoo and how you popped the question! I aim to work closely with you to produce images that you will adore and reveal the true individual, whilst also making you look spectacular!

Lisa Jane Alterantive Wedding Photography13

I get as excited about your day as I did about mine!

Lisa Jane Alterantive Wedding Photography05

Isn’t Lisa Jane just fantastic! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lisa before, Rob & I had so much fun on our couples’ shoot.

Lisa Jane Alterantive Wedding Photography03 Lisa Jane Alterantive Wedding Photography11 Lisa Jane Photography Lisa Jane Alterantive Wedding Photography06 Lisa Jane Alterantive Wedding Photography04 Lisa Jane Alterantive Wedding Photography10Be sure to leave Lisa Jane Photography some love! 

One response to “Lisa Jane Photography – Creative and Alternative Photography

  1. I love Lisa Jane too! Recently found her work and loved the freshness, coolness and outright quirkyness of it all – I wish I had half as much cool as this chick. Her photos hit right to the bone of the couple to show their personalities and individuality and also being a photographer I am amazed at her technical ability and creativeness. Definitely have a photography crush! Txx