A Tattoo and Rockabilly Wedding – Hayley & Adam

301282_10151007461291090_2135710667_nI’ve been looking forward to blogging this wedding for a while! Hayley & Adam are a wonderful couple and I’m privileged to be sharing their wedding on Marry Me Ink today.

561139_10151008007606090_262947265_n“Adam and I met when we were 14 and Adam moved from his school to mine. I remember the first time I saw him walking through the foyer as I went up the stairs, we were going to the ‘new year 10’ assembly and I saw this tall, long haired gothic looking guy in new rocks, a black furry type coat and a coffin bag.

“From that moment I was hooked!”


“As we sat in assembly I spent most of the time looking around for him, and the moment I saw him, there he was smiling in his usual cheeky way, right back at me. Adam and I had a one lesson together, history and from the first lesson he sat right next to me, and we got chatting. He used to sit holding my hand under the desk and frequently got moved but that didn’t prevent him from sending me cute little love notes.

Adam and I had a lot in common as we were both into the same sort of music,
enjoyed art and liked the same bands.

558289_10151007486951090_1701403300_n“From that point on, Adam and I had an on off relationship over several years, and we progressed from school to college where we did different courses but frequently bumped into one another.

It may sound like a total cliché but Adam was undoubtedly my first love, and any guys I had seen over the years since Adam and I first met never quite matched my feelings for him.

Adam and I hadn’t seen one another for 3 or 4 years, when I met his brother at a house party being held by a mutual friend. His brother asked me why Adam and I never quite got together and I was never quite sure, as my feeling were certainly still there. The next day I emailed Adam asking him to design me a tattoo for my side as he was working as a tattooist, and a few weeks later we met up.

“That was just under two and a half years ago and after only a few months together Adam and I got engaged.”

561694_10151008007091090_496885365_n“The highlight of my wedding day was marrying my best friend.”

“Adam and I did everything ourselves and worked very hard to achieve everything and for it all to come together and to have an amazing time celebrating with family and friends, we couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Our entire wedding was DIY and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute! I especially enjoyed making the wedding invitations, so much so I have decided to do it for a living! I also especially enjoyed our DIY sweet buffet, whereby we made all the signs, and sourced all the glass bowls and sweets ourselves and It went down a storm with our guests!

386809_10151007471531090_1656398508_n“Adam and I have a mutual love for tattoos and rockabilly culture! We knew from the start we wanted a tattoo/rockabilly themed wedding with red/cream and black colour schemes. We made everything from the wedding invitations which set the theme of the wedding, to sailor jerry inspired wedding favours, a tattoo inspired cake and as we couldn’t find a cake copper that represented us, Adam painted a Ziggy Stardust inspired Lego man with a guitar to match his blue suite and I had a Lego bride with painted bright red hair!


“From the moment we got engaged I knew I wanted a 50s style dress, but I also wanted a dress with a long back as I wear short flared dresses on a daily basis and wanted to feel like a bride. 

I found the dress of my dreams which had a Marilyn Monroe ballerina style tulle dress with a sweetheart neckline. I got the dress maker to take the front of the dress up to show off my gorgeous Vivienne Westwood cherry shoes and my beloved feet tattoos! I have both my wrists tattooed and Adam is quite heavily tattooed, along with most of the members of the wedding party so essentially we decided from the offset to embrace the love of tattoos and celebrate them not to hide them as its part of our personalities!

419359_10151008001546090_70496000_n“Adam and I both have our ring finger tattooed with a red heart, which was done shortly after we got engaged. Adam also has always will written on his stomach, which are lines he used to in his wedding vows. I also have the date of our wedding on my left wrist – Obviously Adam did it!”

How amazing are Hayley & Adam? Huge thank you to Hayley & Adam and to Vicki Clayson Photography. Be sure to leave them some love! 

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  1. Oh my!
    What a gorgeous couple, and a kick ass wedding!

  2. Amazing! Love the cake topper lego people! 🙂