A Black And Teal Wedding – Carrie & Sean


Carrie & Sean have such a great story – especially on how Sean proposed!

“I was out with friends and saw Sean working as a bar back at a local bar. I gave him my number and told him to call me. We ended up hanging out that night and casually dating for a while. About a year later I got pregnant with our son and our relationship went from casual to baby making. Sean moved in and we welcomed a perfect little boy into the world and after 6 months we planned a 2nd baby. 

DSC_6292a“The month we found out that I was pregnant with Carson Grace, Sean tried to be sneaky and sell his bike. It’s not easy to keep things secret when you live together and have a child, so I was onto him. I was under the impression that he was using the money to get a more family friendly car.

We planned a much needed date night and granny and gramps we coming to watch Miles. On the day of the date, I fussed at Sean for spending most of the money. Little did I know in the car after our date Sean got serious, which I thought was weird and annoying –  Since I was pregnant and sick and found everything annoying, yea I’m kinda lame sometimes. He told me he loved me and Miles and pulled my ring out to which I said “What’s that for?”

I am so romantic, who knew.

DSC_5598a“For me, the highlight of my wedding day was when my make up was done and I felt pretty. I was terrified that I would have a totally girl moment and decide I didn’t look like I was “supposed to” and it would crap all over the actual important stuff. So once my make-up was on and my hair was done I had a few moments of calm before the wedding chaos started!


“The music was the biggest thing that was 100% us.”

“The wedding was at the club that Sean works at and one of my buddies that I have known forever was our DJ.  The wedding party progression song was “If We Never Go Inside” by Alkaline Trio and I walked down alone to The Used, “Smoother Me” which is Sean’s favourite bands and it was his surprise. He didn’t know I’d picked that song. 

carriesean1“Luckily I had a ton of help from friends and Sean’s co-workers. Two of my girl friends make us 14 cakes at cost so that each guest table had their own cake in lieu of a centre piece. A friend was starting a wedding planning and decorating company and she coordinated the day of decorating and painted with pumpkins with song lyrics painted on them.

DSC_6347a“On the day of the wedding, all I had to do was get dressed, get married, and chase my children around, which was enough stress on it’s own so God love anyone who helps you on your weeding day. You are gonna need them!


“I always knew that I wanted a strapless dress so that none of the tattoos were chopped in half with dress fabric.”

DSC_5637bw“I liked my dress, it was simple and figure flattering, I thought. I had intended on getting a pink dress but the one I found was the right price and the right fit so I was pleased with what I got.”

“We don’t have any couples tattoos. Yet. Tattoos for the children, yes, but we have only been married for 72 days so we’ll see what happens. We do have our whole life after all!”

carriesean4How awesome are Carrie & Sean? My favourite details of the wedding were the large bird topped jars full of sweets!

Be sure to leave them some love. HUGE thank you to them both and to Stephanie of La Photographie for sharing their photos with Marry Me Ink!

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