ACCESSORIES AHOY! Creative Clutches

You’re all used to Rebekah now guest posting for Marry Me Ink.. Let’s delve straight in and she what she has in store for us this time..

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Today is all about clutch bags. I find that no matter what size of bag I have I will fill it (usually with things I don’t need). When I got married I decided against a bag. Big mistake. After ten minutes in the sun my make up was melting off onto my wedding dress. If you do want a bag, don’t feel trapped into a silk ivory number unless its your bag (sorry). I decided to post about the amazing Kate Spade and share her creative clutches.

Kate worked as senior fashion editor of accessories when she decided to take the leap and start her own line. In 1993 she began with handbags and now it has grown into a global brand with jewellery, clothing and other lifestyle items.

My favourite part of Kate Spade New York is the clutch bags. They are unique and she has so many styles to choose from. Here are my favourites that would add some unique flavour to any wedding or night out. It would sure make the never ending search for my keys more interesting.


First up is the Radio Samira Clutch. This retro radio feel would look great for you vintage vixens.

img-thingAnother vintage feel is the Little Ribbon Samira.


I love this Made In The Shade Sunglasses Clutch. It is hardly understated but your wedding day isn’t the time to disappear into the background. Why not try it.


Last up is her Book Clutches. She has many titles but here is the Romeo & Juliet Book Clutch and the I Married Adventure Clutch. I love books as decorations and centrepieces at weddings but I had never considered it as an option for a bag.


What is great about these clutches is that you can add this touch of creativity to everyday and not just the wedding day.

I hope you find this inspiring to come up with your own creative creation. It is a great opportunity to get a bag that isn’t in the wedding section.

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