ACCESSORIES AHOY! Introducing – Jade Murray of Ginger Pickle

Today I’ll be handing straight over to Rebekah who has had the chance to chat to one awesome lady whose products I’ve had the chance to wear recently!

I started writing blog posts for a very simple reason. I would spend hours finding images or sites that I loved and wanted to share it with others. Inspiration can come to you in many forms and I hope that what I post will inspire you. One such find is the online boutique Ginger Pickle.

Ginger Pickle is an online boutique created by the beautiful and talented Jade Murray. It is filled with affordable handmade gifts from British designers that you will want to check out. I had the privilege of finding out her inspirations and favourites from the boutique.

Introducing …

Jade Murray of Ginger Pickle

What was the inspiration for starting your boutique?

“I set up Ginger Pickle shortly after graduating from art school [Aberdeen, Scotland]. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do as a career and it was at this moment I decided to set up an online shop full of everything I love. I love creativity and want to promote the wonderful artists and designers I have came across over the years.”

What has been a high point for you since starting your site?

“I would say getting featured in two of my local papers on a number of occasions. The support in my city is amazing, they really do help start up business and want you to get as much exposure as possible, so I’m really thankful for that and it was exciting flicking through and seeing Ginger Pickle pop up when I had no clue! Also getting my press release published in that was pretty amazing!”

What inspires you?

As well as supporting other designers, I make my own jewellery and sell over on Etsy. Lots of things inspire me, but i’m particularly inspired by nature, shape and colour. I’m working on illustrated prints at the moment, and find inspiration mainly from lovely quotes i’ve read. Here’s one:
“In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous” Aristotle
How lovely!

What are your favourites from your site?

“Tough question I do love everything I have on my site, there’s too much to choose from! Here are some of my favourites though..”

Ladybird Likes, Butterfly Necklace
6a25d1af0f1a4842ac67c9ddbf2e3547_820x820Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes, Retro Gameboy Necklace
Deep Blue Sea Silver, White Rainbow Opal Stacking Ring
Thank you so much Jade for sharing your inspirations and favourites with us. I couldn’t leave it there though. I also need to share some of my favourites from her fantastic Esty shop.
Moon/Starry Sky Stud Earrings
Dainty Silver Lightning Bolt Necklace
Laser Cut Sleeping Wooden Owl Necklace
Geometric Necklace in Silver and Gunmetal
Thanks again to Jade for taking the time to talk to me. I hope you love her stuff as much as I do. If you have any boutiques that you love and would like me to feature drop me a line.

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