A Red And Black Wedding – Louise & Richie

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“The day was perfect from start to finish and we wouldn’t have changed a single thing.”

Louise & Richie met through mutual friends in 2005 but didn’t get together straight away. When they eventually did, they moved into a bungalow aptly named “The Bungalow Of Rock”. Two years later, Richie proposed at the top of the London Eye at sunset – A perfect time during Louise’s 30th birthday outing.

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The only DIY element was stamping the guests names on our seating plan and place cards. It was fun until I realised I’d ordered a kit containing one stamp of each letter. So printing names like Tara, Penny and Donna proved difficult!

lu richie-142I currently only have one tattoo which is a ½ sleeve on my right arm. I knew I wanted a 50’s style dress from the word go and after researching some designs I did chose a sleeveless one so my tattoo would be on show. It’s beautifully bright and represents change and personal growth so was significant in my journey to becoming Mrs P. (however I added a fake fur jacket for the evening as our wedding was in October and there was a chill in the air!)

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The whole day was pretty much a reflection of us. Our tastes are varied and it was difficult for us to pin down a theme so we just threw in a bit of everything. The boys wore kilts as much for the Gothic look as for the Scottish reference (Richie’s Dad is of Scottish decent). The decorations were partly Alice In Wonderland theme with a ‘We’re All Mad Here’ banner and ‘Drink Me’ labels on our toast glasses and partly Gothic with a black and red colour scheme and glass skull centrepieces.

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We chose an epic band that played everything we love from Regina Spektor’s ‘Samson’ to Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Killing In The Name’. We’re not big on labels or stereotypes – we like what we like, we were just lucky that it all came together so well on the day.

lu richie-183How awesome are Louise & Richie? Huge thank you to them both and to their photographer Donna of ClickClickBang Photography for sharing their story with Marry Me Ink today! Be sure to leave them some love!

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