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april meOh isn’t Swamps gorgeous? I’m dying to see her all in her dress – Not so long now! I’ll hand straight over to her today where it’s all about..

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Hello you bunch of lovelies. I hope you have all had a super lovely Easter and the Easter Bunny brought you LOADS of chocolaty goodness. I, however, am now ALL SYSTEMS GO on the wedding bod’ and therefore the most exciting thing I shall be eating will be a banana for energy before ‘pumping some iron’ down the gymio! Yawnnnn! I also hope that your fellow fiancés have not played any horrible April fools jokes on you that is making you reconsider marrying them. This may seem a little extreme I appreciate, however, the year Matt pretended my car had been stolen was not AT ALL funny. Frankly he is lucky to not have been charged with wasting police time when I very nearly called 999!!! Naughty boy.

So I am sure all of you fellow brides will be able to relate to me when I say there is a definite wedding lull after the initial excitement of getting engaged and starting your preparations. You start looking for venues and you think “oh em gee, I’m going to be sooooo busy!” purely based on how stressful people say the experience is.  Then this is followed by giving your notice of marriage, which I feel I shouldn’t brush over too lightly. We had heard that it was a rather nerve racking ordeal. My understanding was that the only two circumstances where we would have a problem would be if Matt was in fact a sibling of mine, which would be the only time I would condone the phrase “the awkward moment when…” or if either of us were already married, which I was fairly certain we weren’t  You’ll be glad to hear this was confirmed at the meeting along with us not marrying to gain British citizenship…Phew!! Matt spent the half an hour before our appointment quizzing up on me and everything relating to me. This extended to what my favourite food was. Alas, they weren’t looking for that kind of detail. We did have a small discrepancy on what each others job titles were, but the nice lady decided to give us the benefit of the doubt. Who REALLY knows what their partner actually does, pfft! (Most people do I know haha). Apologies, I digress, where was I… Oh yes, being totally bored of having nothing wedding related to plan. So in the quieter weeks where I had nothing to do I spend this time cramming my head full of lots of wedding inspiration. This is what I will grace Rachael’s lovely blog with this week. 

Once I had chosen my dress my next source of wedding excitement was my accessories to the day. I am hoping that my accessories issue will compliment Rebekah’s ‘Accessories Ahoy!’ post and help you pull a few more ideas to the table for your own super lovely wedding’s. I too share her love of all things moustache. It’s a rather unexplainable and irrational adoration, but I know that we are not alone. Matt Bee has had THE most magnificent moustache when I met him.

2013-04-11_0001He has continued to surprise me with his fine array of facial hair throughout our relationship. He’s like a facial hair chameleon, never a dull day without a whisker related surprise! 

In line with my love for the facial hairs, I shall be bringing this to my big day too. I want to make sure that our wedding isn’t too serious an event and I think there are lots of things you can do to make sure this comes across. These table ‘funnies’ are super trendy right now, and I have kind of (definitely did) steal this idea primarily from our lovely friends Gav and Heather. I absolutely adore them and they just add an element of fun to the day.

table funnies

There’s nothing better than seeing your 1 year old Niece with a moustache on with her pretty frock on your wedding day and it will certainly brighten up our wedding album no end. It’s a really simple touch, and from the right place they’re really cheap too, but shhh don’t tell my guests! This particular set I found on Etsy. You could also make them yourself quite easily if your handy with a saw. Cutest things evs…

While I’m still on the subject of tables and a few bits and bobs I managed to pick up along the way I honestly cannot tell you how invaluable both Etsy and Pinterest have been in my quest for cute ideas. There are SO many good ideas on there, and you can either buy them directly but make sure you are careful as most Etsy sellers are international and it can take a while, or bump up your costs with regards to postage. If you start nice and early I would recommend buying them direct though, it’s nice to support small independent businesses where ever we can.

key to your successOne idea that I absolutely adored was the ‘key to your success’ idea. I found this idea on Pinterest, so unfortunately I cant credit the person who directly came up with this idea, but who ever it was they are very sentimental and a bloomin’ genius. I love the idea. I like the idea of using this instead of a guest book. I don’t know about you guys but when I have been asked to write in someone’s guest book, I feel LOADS of pressure about what to write and I always end up writing something really rubbish and generic. So, I think this is an amazing idea of an alternative of something your guests can write for you that is sentimental. The idea is that each guest will take a key which will have a little label attached to it. On the label they will write their advice as to how to have a fabulous future together, or how to have a beautiful life. Each person will have to come up with one piece of advice they would recommend to us. We can take all of the ideas away with us and if ever things go a bit bottoms up we can pull these out and hopefully they will help us grow old together in harmony. Knowing our friends I’m sure when we get the chance to read some of them back they will give us a little giggle. We pride ourselves on never taking ourselves too seriously. I suspect there will be a few “make sure you allow him to play at least 30 hours of Call of Duty per week” themed keys haha!

I am a sucker for a bit of mush! So the next idea I loved too. There are TOO many ideas that I love and not enough money or time to make them all happen. This idea is to write something that means something to you on an almost ‘red carpet style roll out’. I think it would be super lovely if you had a particular song, or poem that meant something to you as a couple. 


If your guests weren’t emosh’ enough it will finish them off. If they don’t blub at your wedding, your doing something wrong. I hope mine is a massive blub fest or I will feel like I have failed. Unfortunately, for me and Matt we don’t have anything sentimental enough that we could put this idea into action, boo! He did look for some readings that he might like and he sat there blarting away (he will kill me for writing this) but I soon told him to man up. To be honest, as much as I want everyone else to do a happy cry if either me or Matt start that will be it. We once cried at an episode of Jeremy Kyle. I would like to point out that Matt did the initial cry and mine was just an empathetic one.

In our house we also have a small obsession with bird houses. The common misconception would be that we also have a small obsession with birds; however, I think the cats would have something to say about that. I’m sure people are relatively confused when they enter our house and are greeted by 10 birdhouses on the wall and not a bird I sight, but because this is something that people recognise ‘us’ for it would be a lovely touch if we could somehow incorporate this into our day. 

bird houses

I found these super cute bird houses. I am still a little confused about how I am going to tie them into our day but I’m sure I will find a way. I will keep you posted on what big ideas I will come up with next…

So, the time has come for me to go and eat a big fat munch….I know, I know I said I was behaving! I would absolutely love it if you guys could share all of your ideas as well in this months blog comments. I still haven’t chosen all of my final ideas yet and I’m sure you all have fantastic ideas too. I hope that I have managed to give you a few ideas of your own. Next month I’m thinking bridesmaids dresses and my bridal accessories so stay tuned to sexy things, it’ll be a juicy one!

April - extensions

Peace Out, 
Swamps <3

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