A Diner, Tattoo Parlour & Lots Of Colour – Toni & Colin


“Nothing matched. We had owls over there, vintage cameras over here, troll dolls and Russian dolls, chevron and polka. And it worked. The day was hideously, disgustingly Toni & Colin. It’s like our brains combined, walked into the venue and threw up all over it…
It was EPIC!”

ToniColinAssassynation-318Toni & Colin’s wedding is super awesome – and with a budget of just £3000, it looks like such a fantastic day! With photography from the amazing Assassynation, I’ll hand over to Toni..


“We weren’t a couple that bent traditions to suit us; if they didn’t suit us, we simply got rid of them altogether.”

If we liked them, they stayed – stuffy, boring and all! Every item of wedding decor now decorates our home in some way (our top table table runner is now our coffee table table runner…) and importance was placed on what was important for US, not what was important to the general population. We compromised for no one! It was our day, our way down to the very smallest detail.


We didn’t have a first dance. Many people were super shocked… like we’d committed a cardinal sin! But we’d both rather gnaw our own feet off than do it… so we didn’t!

I did a lot of DIY.. The cake topper bunting was a total last minute addition. We’d chosen our song for our first dance when we were still “well, we really don’t want to but we really should!” When it became likely that it wasn’t going to happen, I’d already set all of the other music in stone and really did not want to just not use this song… so I decided to use the title in the cake bunting! It was The Maccabee’s “Toothpaste Kisses”. And you know what? Not one person asked us why! It’s either our friends and family know how… “odd” I am that they’ve realised there’s rarely a reason why or they just didn’t notice. It could be either one! But I absolutely loved it and I thought it looked great.

My bouquet was SUPER cheap to make. The hardest, and longest, part was cutting out 100 felt flowers!


“The only way I would be able to cover most of my tattoos would be to have a floor length, turtle neck, long sleeved dress with gloves!”


“We got tattoos on our wedding day, inbetween the first look session and the ceremony itself. It was the best!
I got a toadstool and he got a pinwheel.”

ToniColinAssassynation-157So many people get so caught up in the planning that they forget what they’re actually doing… We didn’t care about anything other than getting what we wanted if we could afford it and too bad if we couldn’t. If we wanted this but it wasn’t a “featured colour”? Too bad, we want it! During the planning and buying process, we tended to look for things that we could then put in our home. I’d find something I liked and turn to Colin and be like, “hey, look! This would look epic on the register signing table then we could sit it on that shelf above the TV after the wedding!” And that’s exactly how it went. The hot pink deer head (the last ever wedding purchase made because I was online shopping at 4am and just wanted it..) was on the register signing table, the top table and now resides on a cake stand on a shelf above our TV.

ToniColinAssassynation-199How awesome are Toni & Colin? Be sure to leave them both and photographer Assassynation some love!

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8 responses to “A Diner, Tattoo Parlour & Lots Of Colour – Toni & Colin

  1. Ahhh that looks amazing! Love all the kookiness and colour, and the bride looks Beauts! Where was it?

  2. This is the cutest wedding EVER!

  3. I love Toni and Colin and every word of this is spot on. The amount of love and consideration that went into their wedding just blows you away! Any excuse to see your epic photos again is always welcome in my book.

    The tearful shoulder hug is still my fave xx

  4. Arrh congratulations Toni and Colin. I LOVE your epic wedding and gorgeous photos. xxx

  5. I concur with everything Karen says! The tearful shoulder hug is my favourite too, I got so choked up the first time I saw it.

    You guys are amazing xx

  6. Such an EPIC wedding!
    So desperately want a toadstool cake now! haha

    and agree with @Karen – that teary eyed hug shot is beautiful 🙂

  7. Amazing, the detail is incredible and the first look sesh is stunning. 🙂 Congrats you guys xx

  8. wow the tearful shoulder hug gets me all the time!! you really are such a cute couple xx