Frankenstein And His Bride – Andrew & Allie

2 (7)Today I get to introduce you to the gorgeous Allie & Andrew!

5 (9)I love a bride in boots! Allie looks awesome in her Dr Martens under her beautiful dress!

We were in high school, he was a junior and I was a senior. I would see him around school in cute band t-shirts with pink hair and he always carried a briefcase instead of a backpack. It was a little weird, but lucky for him I always had a thing for “a little weird”. I thought he was intriguing. He showed up to school one day with a guitar and a mini stack amp, that he rolled in on his skateboard. During lunch he plugged it in and started playing. I was further intrigued. I was into music (I played the bass) and he was clearly into music as well. As it turned out I wasn’t the only one doing the admiring. As Andrew tells me, “You were hot, but you weren’t like the other hot girls. You weren’t the “cheer leader” type. You wore Dickies, Chucks and a studded belt.” Andrew says he used his “band guy power” to get me to like him. The first time we hung out was when he invited me to his band practice.

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“Andrew and I have always been fans of Frankenstein and his Bride, we even dressed as them for Halloween one year, so it only made sense that we had them as our cake topper.”

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There were so many details we put into our wedding that represented us as a couple. We had In-N-Out Burger cater. In-N-Out has always been located strictly in California, just recently spreading to near by states, and is famous for their simple menu and amazing quality. I worked there for the first 3 years we were dating, and it is still a place we love to eat. We chose to ditch traditional wedding food for something we really love to eat.

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I am a HUGE candy person. Before Andrew and I were together he didn’t care much for candy, but that has since changed. Neither of us really drink alcohol either, so we decided to ditch the regular bar and had a candy bar/buffet instead. We made sure to have all the best candies, and enough that everyone could eat to their hearts content. I was slightly concerned that people would be unhappy with the fact that there was no alcohol, but I actually ended up getting compliments on how much people enjoyed the wedding without it. And the candy buffet was a complete hit!

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The most important detail of our wedding that represented us as a couple was the music. We spent a lot of time hand picking each and every song that was played throughout the night. Because the music was so important to us our wedding favours were CD’s of the soundtrack to our evening. It included Alkaline trio, Dashboard Confessional, Foo Fighters, Failure, The Flys and many more.

“The most important band and song of the night was the song I walked down the aisle to – “Luna” by The Smashing Pumpkins.”

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Of all the details from our wedding, the most important piece of the entire day was also my proudest DIY piece.

“I designed and had made not only my bridesmaids dresses, but my own wedding gown.”

I drove out to the fabric district in Los Angeles and hand picked the lace for each dress. I also had beautiful soft leather sent to me from my grandmother in Montana to be used on our dresses as well. I then spent a few hours every week for 3 months in the dress shop doing fittings and making sure my dress was coming together exactly as I planned it.

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I had every intention of including my tattoo into the planning of me wedding. It didn’t have much effect the dress, it was going to show and that was how I wanted it to be. It did effect the flowers. When I was choosing my flowers and the style of my bouquets I chose to use the flowers and colours that are in my tattoo. We also did our best to arrange the bouquets in a way that would reflect the style and flow of my tattoo.

5 (2)How gorgeous is Allie’s dress? What a fantastic wedding put together by a couple passionate about their favourite things! Be sure to leave Allie & Andrew some love! Thank you to them both for sending these through to Marry Me Ink!

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