Antlers & Cakes – Wedding Inspiration From Casey Avenue

Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-058Today I get to share with you an inspirational shoot that took place at Kelmarsh Hall by wedding photographer Casey Avenue.


“In September last year I collaborated with some super cool industry friends to shoot this bridal shoot. I didn’t just want it to be about the brides but about Him & Her!”


I wanted to portray the build up to the ceremony, the magical moment of going from you to a BRIDE or a GROOM! It’s one of my favourites parts of a wedding to photograph. The biggest thing I wanted to do was to show how cool our local suppliers really are. 


We were spoilt for choice for stunning rooms to shoot in, which was a good job considering the weather!

Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-047I LOVE the wallpaper! Be sure to look through them all as the full list of suppliers can be found at the bottom of the post! Be sure to leave some love for all those involved!

Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-002 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-010 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-006 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-001 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-018 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-012 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-014 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-017 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-020 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-023 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-022 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-027 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-026 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-024 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-015 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-032 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-035 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-038 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-013 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-039 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-043 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-041 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-044 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-028 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-045 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-049 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-054 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-061 Casey_Avenue_Tattooed_Brides_Marrymeink-056

Venue – Kelmarsh Hall
Photography – Casey Avenue
Videography – And Productions
Make Up & Hair – Dollywood Creative
Bride’s Dress – Courtyard Bridal
Bride’s Necklace – Tatty Devine
Bride’s Shoes – Ebay
Bride’s Bouquet – DIY silk flower bouquet
Groom’s Clothing – Model’s own
Groom’s Braces – Ebay
Cakes – Nanna’s Kitchen
Stag Head – Fake Danes

5 responses to “Antlers & Cakes – Wedding Inspiration From Casey Avenue

  1. Awesome! There is also a cool behind the scenes video

  2. I absolutely love this shoot!. Your absolutely right you caught the build up perfectly!. Especially love the photo of the nervous groom grabbing a quick drag on cigarette. Awesome job Hannah!


  3. Stunning photos. Gorgeous wedding.

  4. Lovely setting – and those cakes look delicious!!

  5. Love them, the dress is beautiful…Really nice lines…Cool work peeps…