A Backyard Wedding – Jenna & Bravo and Franklin The Pot Bellied Pig

2013-05-21_0019Good morning! Today I get to share this awesome wedding of Jenna & Bravo with you today, with photography by Jennifer of Stylish & Hip Weddings.


I was having a few months of debauchery with a certain lady friend, we went to Union Pool, a bar in Willliamsburg, Brooklyn, (old reliable for this sort of thing…) and Bravo was working, she introduced us and we sort of hit it off, but while I thought he was super hot, funny, nice, etc. I continued to insist he was Mr. Right Now, not Mr. Right-for the next 6months anyway. I even tried to break it off at one point.

2013-05-21_0021By that December, when he ripped of his sparkly velcro boxer shorts at a fancy Christmas party on the dance floor and waved them in the air, I just thought, yeah, this is it. I love this beast. 2013-05-21_0003

“We think the mix of people, past and recent friendships combined, to make a pretty epic snapshot of who we are”

2013-05-21_0004The entire wedding was DIY. People pitched in that wanted to help, and we know a lot of people in the service industry. It just meant more to us to have their energy/input. We were very fluid about ideas, so let what didn’t seem to work out, go away, and allow something better to come along. It went smoothly and way too easy. 

2013-05-21_0006When Crest Hardware suggested us getting married in their backyard, they were so generous in providing refreshments, organizing seating, rearranging their backyard for us. It was magical!

2013-05-21_0014There certainly were issues in finding a dress with regards to placement/tats. Particularly the shoulders/neckline, where it cuts, sits. A strapless or boatneck became the only options for me. I couldn’t do a wild print either, as I was originally looking for a 50’s cocktail dress.

2013-05-21_0001My highlight of the day was my Conservative Republican (sometimes judgemental) father admitting that the diverse group of people I’ve surrounded myself with are genuinely kind, good, and ethical-and he couldn’t be more proud-and stands corrected. For Bravo: Earlier in the morning, it was cloudy/windy, I was nervous. Right before the ceremony, the clouds dissipated -and with it my nervousness, the sun came out, she walked toward me and the big tree behind the reverend kept trying to hug us during the ceremony. Pure stillness, happiness.

2013-05-21_0012How fabulous are Jenna & Bravo? They are one fantastic couple – their backyard wedding looks beautiful! Thank you to them both and to Jennifer of Stylish & Hip Weddings for sharing their wedding with Marry Me Ink today. Be sure to leave some love!

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  1. OMG! Gorgeous! Stunning bride, amazing light, enviable ink and lashings of love. Totes got the hotts for these images! x

  2. Love this! amazing mustache and chops! x