Love Letters – Jenn & John

2013-05-31_0051Today I get to share with you Jenn & John’s cute anniversary shoot from Brandi Welles Photography.


I was in a long term relationship at a very young age & always wanted to get tattooed. Once I was 18 I was still oddly hesitant but my boyfriend at the time was already collecting them… So we would visit the local tattoo shops in our area. My boyfriend at the time wanted to get tattooed as a Christmas gift & we went into the closest shop to our house & that was where I originally met the hottest guy ever, John.


He ended up tattooing a large tattoo on my current boyfriends forearm… I took a few photos of him getting tattooed by John & also convinced many people to go in there & get tattooed by John just so I can enjoy seeing him.

2013-05-31_0002After I developed the photos of him, I secretly kept them & even wrote on the back “Tattoo Boyfriend”


Years passed & I was 21 & decided to get my 1st tattoo & at a totally different shop by a girlfriend that was tattooing my other friends at the time. Ironically, John was working at this new shop… I was now single & I was flirting with him for sure… I would dress cute & engage in conversation with him whenever I could, I would even convince other people to go in & get tattooed there just to run into him. If he wasn’t there when we’d show up I’d ask when he was gonna be there & reschedule just to make sure I’d bump into him.


One time I even came back the next day in the same outfit. Eventually He let his co worker know he was interested in me & asked if he could get my number.  A week later we were officially dating & a year later we were married & have been happily since 12-31-06!


How wonderful is Jenn & John’s story? I love how Jenn kept visiting the studio, and how surprisingly John was now working at the new tattoo studio too! It was obviously meant to be! Be sure to leave this gorgeous couple and their photography Brandi Welles some love!

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  1. Love their story! They are adorable! 🙂