A Vintage and Fun Masked Wedding – Cassidi & Rob

2013-05-28_0022Good morning! I hope we are all enjoying the lovely sunshine?

Today I get to introduce you to Cassidi who met Rob when she was working in a piercing studio. “I thought he was kind of a dork because he had a silly moustache. Soon he started to come around the (piercing) shop more and more… And finally his beard grew it and I fell in love.  Haha. We became good friends over the next few months. We would hang out all the time and have the best time together. Then one evening Rob kissed me in front of a juke box at this bar we would go to.  From that moment we were even more inseparable.


Our wedding day was insane! As we were all getting ready our newest adopted dog, Rue, ran away! So in the middle of me getting my hair done I had to leave and run around Philadelphia looking for her. Luckily with the help of all of our friends and strangers we found her and still had the wedding start on time!


“I would say that the highlight of our wedding was when we finally got to relax and have a great time on the dance floor.”


Rob and I had a lot of little details that really showed who we were as individuals and as a couple.  We really wanted to keep a vintage feel to the wedding but at a touch of rock n roll. All of the music we played during our ceremony was very non-traditional, I walked the isle to the Ramones “Baby, I love you” and we left the ceremony to Edward Sharp’s “Home”.  We also really wanted to have fun wedding pictures, since we are both really dorky in front of the camera, we got animal mask for us and the bridal party.  To add the animal theme, our cake topper was a bride and groom couple with goat heads. 


Our wedding was a mixture of us and our friends helping to make it awesome. Our good friend Jessica Scarlett made our amazing invitations. She really captured our style and personalities with our invites. Our entire decor was all found by us at flea markets or antique stores around the tri-state area.  Two nights before the wedding my maid of honour came into town and we set up all the bottles, doilies, and props for each centrepiece at my house.  The day before the wedding, with the help of my bridal party and family, we put all the flowers together for the centrepieces. My florist was wonderful and made all of our bouquets and sold us bulk flowers for our simple vintage bottle vases.  My favourite DIY part of our wedding was the punk rock pins we made. Rob and I are both big fans of metal and punk so we made Black Flag and Danzig inspired buttons but with our names and wedding date on them! 


When I went to find my wedding dress I wasn’t really sure what I wanted. I knew I wanted something vintage, off white, and not too big. I tried on about 4 dressed before I picked mine. My tattoos didn’t play a huge part in my decision. I wanted to look classic but like myself.  So I think the tattoos really just enhanced my vision and look I was going for. I did get custom stone plugs, nostril and philtrum jewelry for my wedding! 

2013-05-28_0005How awesome does Cassidi & Rob’s wedding look? Be sure to leave them both and their photographer Love Me Do Photography some love!

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  1. this is just so flippin cool….creative and tons of fun. great job Cassidi and Rob!

  2. I LOVE this.
    Cassidi’s knuckle tattoos are amazing 😀 x