House Of Sharkey – Handmade Jewellery, Crochet & Embroidery Items

Today I get to introduce to you some super gorgeous items coming from Lucy of House Of Sharkey. I’ll hand straight over to her and her lovely items..


Hello, my name is Lucy and I run House of Sharkey, an online shop which sells handmade jewellery, crochet items and embroidery.  I started the shop a year ago after I did an internship for Tatty Devine and my dad suggested it as I had graduated uni after studying Fashion Design and was struggling to even find internships let alone Fashion jobs. I make Fimo/ Sculptyclay Jewellery and have branched out into Crocheting and embroidery. I try to avoid making the sort of thing that you usually associate with Crochet, such as Granny Square Blankets(unless I was asked to) and instead make things like pin cushions shaped like food, Jammy Dodger Cushions, Zombie dolly’s and Wedding cakes. My overall aim though is to make things that are original but most importantly, affordable.

I was very lucky to meet Sophie Bold of Strange case Collective as she has given me a lot of advice and I have assisted her on a recent wedding which inspired me to start making items for alternative weddings.

Alma De Cuba Styled Wedding Shoot-Alma Wedding Shoot-0130

I think that if you sit down and think ‘What can I make that is Kooky and cool?’ then what you make is just going to be twee and tacky. For my crochet I look at patterns and just work out how I can change them to suit my project or use them for a different purpose than they were intended. The cross stitch which I have just finished was actually inspired by a Franz Ferdinand song which I couldn’t get out of my head and has got more views and praise than anything I have ever done.

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I love vintage and I think Rockabilly style is gorgeous and perfect for a tattoo lover on her wedding day, but really, she should wear whatever she wants. Whether it’s a Victorian gothic dress or a track suit, it’s her day after all! 

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I only have two tattoos at the moment as I only want to have ones which have a personal meaning to me. I take my time and really plan them as a tattoo is something that you should always be proud of. That said, I do love the Rockabilly look so I am very tempted to have a full sleeve someday.

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I do love the food jewellery from House Of Sharkey! Be sure to check our the Etsy store, Facebook page and Twitter as well as the blog!

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5 responses to “House Of Sharkey – Handmade Jewellery, Crochet & Embroidery Items

  1. Brilliant post and brilliant to see Lucy gracing these striped pages!

    I loved helping Lucy to style her shoot and working with some really unusual pieces. They really are perfect for an alternative, quirky bride!

    P.S. Her logo is frickin awesome!

    Sophie @ Strange Case Collective


  2. Lovely to see Lucy’s work recognised, we love her designs.

  3. I love the decor.That’s the style i like.

  4. I loved working with Lucy – she’s a fab lady. I am in awe of her work – it’s amazing!!! Great blog post too xxx

  5. Love your work Lucy