A Magic Gardens Wedding – Anne & Derek


“I never really think about my tattoos when I’m dressing, since they are a part of me and who I am. I never considered covering them.”


Today I get to share with you Anne & Derek’s colourful wedding that took place in the breathtaking Magic Gardens in Philadelphia, which stunning photography from Mike of Allebach Photography.


“We began as friends who worked together as producers in the independent film industry.”

After working together on a few projects we became business partners, along with 3 of our friends, and together started Double Windsor Films. We worked so much that our work life eventually turned into our social life. We enjoyed each other’s company, loved talking about food, cooking, and eating, and exchanging our horrible dating experiences with each other and one day asked ourselves, why aren’t we dating? Once we both let our guards down, we fell madly in love with each other and here we are today, happily married.


I tried to customize the entire wedding to represent us as a couple. The venue had so much character and was so unique and strange at the same time and I think that describes us a lot. It had a very relaxed atmosphere and that is what we were going for. We didn’t want a fancy over the top parade of traditional wedding traditions. I wanted the vow exchange to be the only traditional factor, after that it was just a fun relaxed party. I didn’t want to tell people when to eat or drink or where to stand and wait. I just wanted everyone to enjoy the venue and have a blast.


Food was another element that represented us as couple. Since we started dating, we’ve drove up and down the east coast in search of delicious food, so we wanted to make sure everyone got a taste of some of our favourites. We had a taco bar, polish pierogies, and some really great authentic Italian food. We decided to do ice cream instead of a traditional cake because going out for ice cream is our favourite thing to do together. We also served some cupcakes and mini pies, because hey, as you can probably tell we just love to eat!


“I made all the wedding favours. I always knew I wanted to give succulent favours and after we booked the venue I got inspired to create my own mosaic pots for the plants using my wedding colours.”


I knew I wanted a dress that was short and incorporated lace. So I took my ideas to Dolly Couture and they helped me design a dress that was vintage inspired and unique that tastefully showed off my tattoos.


How beautiful does the whole wedding look and how gorgeous dose Anne look in her bespoke dress? Anne has actually started Clever Wedding Ideas since her wedding and Marry Me Ink love it! Thank you to both Anne & Derek for sharing their story with Marry Me Ink today and a thank you to them both and Allebach Photography for sharing these amazing images too! Be sure to leave them all some love!

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5 responses to “A Magic Gardens Wedding – Anne & Derek

  1. WOW those walls are amazing! Bride & Groom look fantastic, loads of character, love it!

  2. The bride’s poppa looks so proud & this wedding has got to be one of the most unique I have seen, love it. Best wishes on a happy & long future together.

  3. So sweet,these are all amazing!!

  4. What an amazingly quirky venue! Love it! Brides dress is gorgeous, and love their portraits. 🙂