Divine Without The Dollar – Thursday 29th August 2013

That’s right, it’s that time again, another collection of beauty from ModCloth. This edition features a colour that seeing a lot of at weddings this year – dark grey and charcoal. 

Below is the selection of goodies and further below the list of items shown that are available to purchase on the ModCloth online shop. Be sure to leave a comment of what other colours/themes you’d like to see!


Starlight Hearted dress, Your Wild Heart heel, Metro Marvelous heel, Bonafide Brilliance wedge, Woo Cute heel, O.M.Geode earrings, In With The Nouveau earrings, Chain Is In The Air bracelet, Do A Bauble Take ring, Perfect Impressions necklace, Destined To Dazzle headband, Plume For Growth bracelet, Wine And Dynamo headband.

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