A Vegan, Down To Earth Wedding – Dea & Dominik

2013-08-30_0038Photography credit: Sergio Stiletto – Lucky Lola Shop

Today I get to share something pretty awesome with you. You may remember Dea from a previous post where I got to interview her about her gorgeous tattoos and artwork here. Well, she got married!!


The part which represented us as a couple I think was the leaned back atmosphere. We had a camp fire, singer songwriter music and an open air location with a vegetarian/vegan buffet with a vegan wedding cake! We were surprised and pleased how happy everyone was with our decision not to have meat on the menu.


We put together all of the decoration elements such as bows and garlands. As our western-inspired outdoor location was already so pretty and romantic, we didn’t have to add too much stuff.


I consider my tattoos as part of my personality so of course, I wanted something that suited me and my alternative lifestyle. We got matching tattoos on matching parts of our bodies. Two love birds in wedding outfits. Everyone thinks its so cheese but for us, its more important than our wedding rings as we both often cannot wear them, due to safety regulations in our jobs.

1148399_613773275310191_1342357853_nSebastian Domaschke – Lowbrow Tattoo

The most emotional moment was when my dad literally handed me over to my fiance, just right before the wedding and made him promise to be faithful and loving to me for the rest of his life.


How cute are Dea and Dominik? Thank you to them both for sharing their day with Marry Me Ink today. Be sure to leave them some love!

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