A Rainy, Nerdy And Beautiful Massachusetts Wedding – Cayse & Ryan


“The whole wedding felt very us; casual and sometimes silly.”


Good morning! This latest beautiful couple are Cayse & Ryan who were married at the amazing Holliston Historical Society with amazing images from Oh! Karina Photography. I’ll hand straight over to Cayse as her & Ryan’s story is so cute!


We were introduced by a mutual friend after a ladies night where we may have consumed Mad Dog 20 20 and an absurd amount of bacon while watching Arrested Development. The aforementioned MD 20 20 lead to a lot of complaining about how horrible my ex was and how I wanted to meet a nice guy “who just wants to hold my hand”. My friend immediately texted her fiance’s friend, who was a drummer in his band, to tell him she had a friend who “wants to kiss you”. Keep in mind I’ve never even seen a photo of the guy. Ryan, who was on a camping trip in North Carolina, replied with “Is she hot? She better be.” What a pompous jerk right?


My friend set up a group dinner and invited him anyway. When they came to pick us up he was wearing jeans and flip flops (one of my pet peeves) and it was raining. Oh Florida style. And it was a giant failure, or so I thought. He was silent pretty much the whole time and my rambunctious friends and I were quite the opposite. The next day our mutual friend forwarded me a text message from Ryan to her asking for my phone number because he had a really great time and wanted to ask me out. She also tells me Ryan wouldn’t shut up about how pretty he thought I was while they were in a separate car driving to dinner. Turns out he’s a bit awkward and does not speak while eating and I’m a bit awkward and quite vocal while doing all things. It was awkward happiness from there on out! 


Thankfully, we had an amazing photographer, Oh Karina Photography, and she pulled us out into the rain (yes, it poured all day) to shoot some photos of us and give us some much needed time alone. While poor Karina got absolutely soaked, we finally had a few non-hectic moments to really take in the fact we had become husband and wife, while having some breathtaking photos taken at that same moment. It was fantastic and a memory we both cherish. 


We also worked in little nerd-isms all over (I have a tiny tardis in my bouquet and made Hylian Shield plugs, Ryan wore a knife and fork tie bar as he’s a chef), had the woman who made our cake topper add our dog Houdini at our feet and since Massachusetts allows you to get an officiant designation for just the day, we had two of our favorite humans be share the duty of marrying us. The entire wedding was DIY! The invitations, save the dates and all the posters/menus/bunting/programs/thank you cards/koozies (reception gift) were all designed by me. They took forever, but it was so fun being able to stick references from Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Fringe, Game Of Thrones, Buffy, Mad Max, Zelda and more into the wedding through them. I also designed and created my bouquet, the bridesmaids bouquets, and all the boutineers out of faux florals. That was super fun, they looked great and held up all day and night. 


“I wore two different dresses, one for the ceremony and traditional photos and one for the reception and dancing.”


We actually would like to get couples tattoos next year while travelling Europe for our delayed honeymoon. But as of yet he’s tattooless, which we actually have people comment on quite often. Especially when I meet people he’s friends with for the first time “wow, you are not what we were expecting!”. It was a little bit unnerving the first couple of times but now we just laugh!


How awesome are Cayse & Ryan? Thank you to them both, and to the amazing Oh! Karina Photography for sharing their wedding with Marry Me Ink today. Be sure to leave all three some love!

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  1. What a lovely wedding! Cayse and Ryan are looking so cute together. I love the way of capturing these romantic moments between this beautiful couple. Totally inspirational!