A Wine Bar And Bistro Wedding In Ohio – Johnna & Will


Today I get to share with you Johnna & Will’s wedding that took place at Cork’s Wine Bar & Bistro in Ohio with fabulous photography from Meghan G Photography


We met when a mutual friend invited us on a day trip to Put-In-Bay.  We locked eyes and hated each other instantly. At one point during the day we were arguing in front of a group of total strangers, but by the end of the day we were laughing and holding hands.  We’ve been together ever since.


It was really important to us to keep the entire event true to us.  There were so many little details that we included such as using a Dr. Seuss poem in place of a prayer or religious reading during our ceremony.

“We each had a deceased grandparent that meant a lot to us so we each wore an heirloom of theirs during the ceremony. His was his grandfather’s pocket watch and mine was my grandmother’s wedding rings.”


Part of the way we kept costs down was to do a lot of the decorations ourselves.  I actually ordered a roll of burlap and twine and made my own table runners. I used old doors and chalkboard paint to make our signage.  My mom made our centrepieces for us using baskets, candles, mirrors, burlap, and silk flowers.  


We had decided to skip getting me a wedding band until our one year anniversary to save some money I had handed off my engagement ring to the best man so we could fake our ring exchange during the vows.  When he slipped the ring onto my finger it didn’t feel right and when I looked down, along with my engagement ring was the wedding band that he knew I had been wanting. It totally surprised me… and only me. My family and bridal party were all in on it!


“Every bride wants to love her dress and I definitely loved mine!”


How cute is Johnna & Will’s story? I absolutely love Johnna’s Nightmare Before Christmas sleeve. Thank you to them both and to Megan G Photography for sharing their day with Marry Me Ink today. Be sure to leave them some love!

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  1. Love the pop of colour in the ties, flowers and shoes! This is gorgeous.