Top Engagement Rings Of 2013

Today, especially as 2013 is slowly coming to a cold and windy close, I thought I would share this infographic from Simply Bridal on the top 10 engagement rings of 2013.


I personally am a massive fan of number 3 – the oval cut. Below is also a list of my five favourite engagement rings from a beautiful online custom jeweller Rare Earth who can be found here on Etsy. Their gorgeous rings are made-to-order and can be purchased in any golds – yellow, white or rose, and also in palladium and platinum, (I love their rose gold rings!) and also sets so you have the perfect match your engagement ring! Below are my favourites. 


14K Rose Gold Green Amethyst Ring – £517.25
14K Orange Sapphire Ring  – £637.49
14K Vintage amethyst Art Nouveau Engagement Ring – $572.99
14K Blue Sapphire Emerald Cut Engagement Ring – £2,545.56
14K Pear Morganite Rose Gold Ring – £701.36

Which is your favourite Rare Earth ring?

2 responses to “Top Engagement Rings Of 2013

  1. The ones you chose are beautiful. So pretty and unique ^_^