A Tattooed, DIY Liverpool Wedding – Claire & Paul


Today I get to share this awesome wedding that took place at the amazing Leaf On Bold Street in Liverpool, full of DIY goodness, a Vivienne Of Holloway dress and many more, with gorgeous photography from Emma Hillier Photography.


I love hearing how Marry Me Ink couples meet and Claire & Paul’s story is great..

Paul is the Studio Manager of Forever True Tattoo in Liverpool and I started getting tattooed there and that’s how we first met and since then we would also bump into each other at gigs!


We had so many people tell us it was the best wedding they had been to. People loved how relaxed and laid back it was and just danced away all night.


“The whole thought of a wedding was very daunting to us, we are just not that kinda couple.”

We scrapped the whole formal dinner and decided to get married late in the day. We chose Leaf on Bold Street as our evening venue. We loved the vibe of the place and eat there regularly so we knew we’d feel comfortable there… plus they make a mean halloumi sandwich. Becky who is their wedding planner was brilliant and was so easy going about the whole day. 


We had quite a lot of DIY elements, if not by us, by our friends. We made 50 metres of bunting, lace covered jam jar tea light holders. My bridesmaids Joy and Kirsty made the bridesmaid dresses. Our best friend Joy was amazing. She made not one, but two wedding cakes and all the desserts, including brownies, bakewells, cupcakes, blondies and ‘thank you’ cookies. 


Our friend and Tattooer Richie Clarke of Forever True Tattoo painted the original design for the invites. My mum made all the jewellery and Paul’s mum did all the flowers. We were so lucky!


How awesome are Claire & Paul’s invitations?! I love how they were designed by the same tattoo studio as where they first met. Thank you to them both for sharing their cute story with Marry Me Ink today, and to Emma Hillier Photography for sharing these gorgeous images too. Be sure to leave everyone some love!

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5 responses to “A Tattooed, DIY Liverpool Wedding – Claire & Paul

  1. Gorgeous couple and beautiful wedding. Love the photography!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring this wedding Rachael! It was a great day, one of my favourites from last year! 🙂

  3. AWESOME !!!! like proper AWESOME

  4. Cracking day by the look of it!

  5. Gorgeous wedding. I adore Leaf and the invites are boss!