Happy Valentines Day – ‘Til Death Do Us Part


Happy Valentines Day!

Today I get to share a super awesome Friday 13th themed engagement shoot from photographer Brandon Gray of cute couple Josh & Van.


The beginning of the shoot starts of all cute in a meadow and then turns quite sinister.. You’re going to have to carry on through the photos if you want to see the end result. 

‘Til Death Do Us Part

2014-02-13_0012 2014-02-13_0015 2014-02-13_0014 1377202_695690481471_977388223_n 1383567_695690536361_1386247354_n 2014-02-13_0005 2014-02-13_0002 2014-02-13_0007 2014-02-13_0009 2014-02-13_0008 1390618_695690506421_484620996_n 1394015_695690107221_1876017639_n 2014-02-13_0006 2014-02-13_0004 1381938_695690002431_1410778336_n 1383632_695690032371_1812865614_n 1385665_695689982471_1495178626_n1377037_695690057321_1617761308_n 2014-02-13_0001 2014-02-13_0003 1398928_695689932571_390254996_o 2014-02-13_0011 1400722_695689857721_93199492_o

2 responses to “Happy Valentines Day – ‘Til Death Do Us Part

  1. Ha, these are great. What a fun idea.

  2. Ha! Brilliant 🙂