A Winter Park Wedding – Rhyanne & Josh


Today I get to share with you this wedding from Gemma Lawrence Photography of Rhyanne and Josh’s special day that took place at Pontlands Park Hotel in Chelmsford.


With Rhyanne’s fantastic sugar skull, flowery tattoos and blue hair and Josh’s awesome braces and bow tie – I can’t wait to show you the rest of their wedding! 


Beating cancer and actually making it to the wedding was the highlight of our wedding – also all of our DIY touches and little US things here and there such as our Lord Of The Rings engraved wedding rings, Red kryptonite cufflinks, and the bow ties!


We knew all along that my tattoos had to be on display they all have meanings and memories. In terms of dresses there were a few must haves: MUST be white, MUST be a mermaid dress, MUST have sparkles, and MUST show my bum off!


I love how even the Christmas decorations are blue like Rhyanne’s hair! I also love how most of their decor was purchased from IKEA – one of my favourite places to go (I know.. Rob hates taking me!)


Also, as well as their candy bar, Rhyanne & Josh DIY-ed all their chair bows, signs and favours.


Be sure to leave Ryhanne & Josh some love. Thank you to them both and to their photographer Gemma Lawrence for sharing their special day and post-wedding shoot with Marry Me Ink today.

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