A Huge Family Wedding In Florida – Fontes & Tony


I didn’t really think too much about my tattoos actually. What did keep going through my head was something my Mom said to me when I got my chest tattooed:
“I wish you would slow down a little, imagine what it will all look like in a wedding dress”


How gorgeous is tattooed bride Fontes? I love the wedding of her and husband Tony which took place at the Legacy Harbour and Marina in Fort Myers, Florida with photography from NikkiMayDay.

“The highlight for both of us was not so much the day, as the whole week.”


Neither of us are from Florida, so both sides of our family came and stayed with us in a beach house on Captiva Island. Fourteen “strangers” lived together in for a week, and became one big family. It made our wedding day incredibly special because there were no “sides”. Everyone was already so comfortable with one another that they were free to have a great time. The staff at the marina commented that they couldn’t tell our families apart. It was exactly what we wanted, not so much the “look” as much as the energy we created.


The most common themed detail of our wedding was the Frangipani flower. Tony brought me one off the tree from the back yard on our first date ( I still have it). Its a very sentimental tree for Tony and his family. When we started planning, I dried the flowers that were falling off the tree. I really had no idea what I was going to do with them. Last minute I glued some to bobbi pins and had them put in my hair. We also had them put on our wedding cake.


How great is Fontes and Tony’s Marina wedding? Thank you to them both and to NikkiMayDay Photography for sharing their special day with Marry Me Ink today. I love Fontes’ dress and the purple shirt and tie combination of Tony’s suit. I also think the flowers in Fontes’ hair are super cute! Be sure to leave them some love!

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  1. Absolutely stunning!!!