Weird & Wonderful Wedding Entertainment

Today I get to share with you a fabulous post from Megan Kent of Qwerty Creative about alternative entertainment bars and acts for your wedding day!

Wedding planning can be difficult and it’s just as hard to come up with original ideas. This article aims to give you some inspiration to ensure your big day is as unique as you are.

Your wedding day should always reflect yours and your hubby’s personalities perfectly. With that being said, have a think about what tone you want to set for your day and any themes you want to include. What could you do with the space provided at your venue? Top tip: Pinterest is a great place to start.


Oxygen bars have become increasingly popular in recent years. They claim that by breathing in 99% pure oxygen, you will be energised, relaxed and  invigorated. Although popular at UK festivals, Oxygen bars are still quite a rare thing to come across at a wedding. Why not start a trend? You can choose from a selection of aroma oils for different scents, tastes and results. How cool is that? I’m sure your guests will be dying to give it a go!

Weird and wonderful wedding entertaiment ideas, image 1Josh Parrish

Thinking about a funfair theme?

Want to create a fun-fuelled atmosphere? If you’re envisioning a funfair theme, you can’t go wrong with candyfloss and popcorn machines. They’ll also fit right in if you’re planning a vintage, rustic affair. Iconic sweet treats not only add a quirky element to your day, they are sure to be a winner with little ones too. Make your wedding memorable by filling it with cotton candy, popcorn and magical fairground rides!

Weird and wonderful wedding entertainment ideas, image 2Andrew Stawarz

Carousel Rides

Do you remember when you were a child and nothing was more exciting than the fair coming to town? Well this classic carousel ride brings the memories back of being a care-free youth. It is the perfect choice for a wedding, all ages will love it, plus it’s an outstanding backdrop for those all-important wedding snaps.

Weird and wonderful wedding entertainment ideas, image 3Mr.TinDC

Land Rover Cocktail Bar

Your favourite cocktail, created and served from a Land Rover Defender… Yes, you heard that correctly. This is Baron Hector de Branne, a Land Rover that converts into a mobile cocktail bar. Once set up, it’s completely self-contained with lighting, sound and a fully stocked bar! Your guests will absolutely love this eccentric spin on a classic bar.

Weird and wonderful wedding entertainment image 4The 43 Club

Living Statues

Living statues are a novel way of creating an exciting feel to your wedding from the start, sparking the element of surprise. It will leave your guests anticipating what’s in store for the rest of the day! The talented performers are so alike the real thing they provoke a hilarious reaction when they move! Position them in a great location holding table plans or drink trays.

Weird and wonderful wedding entertainment, image 5CDemo

What a great range of ideas! I personally love the fun fair and carousel idea! What kind of entertainment are you having at your wedding?

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  1. I’d love a fairground ride!