A Red, Black And White Rockabilly Wedding Full Of Skulls And Tattoos – Holli & Tim


Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with you the most awesome skull and tattoo filled wedding of Holli & Tim’s from Ed Godden Photography (You may remember their awesome seaside engagement shoot from a couple of weeks ago).


“I thought the whole day was insane, but the fact so many people turned up, the weather was incredible and the party atmosphere!”


We actually met through a friend after we were both having the worst day of our lives! Loads of friends went to the pub to have a mid-week drink.

“Initially – I thought he was a complete jumped up idiot, and he thought I was a rude and loud mouthed party girl!”

However, after about ten Sailor Jerries later, we got talking, and by the end of the night I said to my friend Lauren that Tim was the man I was going to marry. (I didn’t think it would happen within two years though!)


“We tried not to have a theme as such, but it was all red, white and black complete with plenty of skulls and lots of tattoos!”


As for DIY – We made our own galaxy print skull table pieces with roses and a huge heart with our initials on (thanks to Tim’s amazing mum) and we designed our own invites from scratch which was great.


When choosing my dress, I knew that I wanted something plain-ish. I dress with a mix of 50s anyway so that was my initial plan. It wasn’t until 3 weeks before the wedding I even found a dress as I was being picky! I hate hate hate Lace and every wedding dress has it on! But I ended up with a gorgeous cream pencil dress with a leopard section across the shoulders. It was more of a party dress but that’s what I wanted and when I put it on. I knew it was ‘the one’ & it was hundreds less than my dress budget! (Which was great as I ened up with a whole Jager bomb being droped down the back of my dress just before my first dance!)


How awesome does Holli look in her dress from The Pretty Dress Company? I love that she went with her 50s style and had the leopard trim! And THAT CAKE! Of course from the wonderful ChoccyWoccyDooDah. Holli did her hair and make-up herself and her flowers and Tim wore a handsome vintage suit.


Thank you to both Holli & Tim and their photographer Ed Godden for sharing their super awesome wedding with Marry Me Ink today! Be sure to leave them some love!

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2 responses to “A Red, Black And White Rockabilly Wedding Full Of Skulls And Tattoos – Holli & Tim

  1. Wow! Looks like they had an amazing time! Gorgeous photos, and I have serious tattoo envy now!

  2. What an amazing couple, the bride looks particularly beautiful I must say, I love her victory rolls!