Love Letters – With True Grit & Amazing Grace


Today I get to share with you the most beautiful story of Aisling and Jeremiah’s engagement, alongside the stunning photography of Natalie J Weddings


We met in Vancouver, Canada. I had been living there for nearly a year and Jeremiah there for 3 years.

We met in a bar that I worked in Gastown called the The Metropole Pub “The Met”. Jeremiah would come in after work for a drink or he would come down on his days off with a group of mates for $2 Tuesdays. He and his mates drank a lot of $2 beers, they always tipped the best and the politest customers.


One night someone had had too many $2 beers and a fight had broken out (a regular occurrence at The Met), somehow this time Jeremiah and his mates had got dragged into it and onto the street, Jeremiah’s jacket got left behind and through the chaos I managed to find him and give it back. That was it that was “the moment”.


I was intrigued by Jeremiah, he was a big presence, always well dressed with tattoo’s and slick back hair, he was quiet and polite. We talked on Facebook and arranged to go to the movies.. The closer the date got, the more nervous I became.

A couple of nights before our date, I was out with some friends for a birthday and after a few too many drinks and new found courage I called Jeremiah and told him we had to meet right now and he obliged. Being the true gentleman he is , he looked after me gave me water and we talked all night, we were barely apart from that moment on.


After a few months of being together and doing everything together, my Canadian visa was expiring and I had to go back to England. For us to be together, Jeremiah had to return home to Australia to work and to save. This was a very difficult time for us being worlds apart and both leaving behind friends and the city we loved so much, but after a few months I was granted my Australian Visa and Jeremiah had paid for my flights. I shortly after arrived in Australia where Jeremiah has become the Grit to my Grace and we have began a wonderful new life together with our trusty sidekick and puppy dog Mr Bugsy.


After two years of living in Australia, we took a trip back to the U.K to introduce Jeremiah to my family (and little did in know, for Jeremiah to ask my dad for his blessing). We spent two weeks in the UK before doing a mini Euro Trip starting in Spain to see my bothers. From La Manga we drove the coast to Barcelona and then we flew to Nice. On the top of Montee Du Chateau over looking the most beautiful view of nice, Jeremiah told me he loved me as I was devouring the juiciest peach of my life I nodded with a approval. And then out of the blue he got down on one knee.. Through tears and beaming smile, (and a mouth full of peach) I said yes.


Our day didn’t end there! We had a champagne lunch in the bustling market streets of Nice accompanied miraculously by a 5 piece rockabilly band. From here, we were chauffeur driven over the mountains and along the coast to Monte Carlo and arrived at our 5 star hotel.. “The Metropole” – a far cry from the bar we met. Jeremiah in his new tailored  suit, and me in my new Vivienne Westwood dress, walked the harbour and went to the Casino where we won 500Euros and after a beautiful meal we returned to our beautiful hotel, the happiest couple in the world.


The rest of our trip was Rome, Venice, Paris. The cherry on the top was our engagement photo shoot with Natalie J Weddings in London – a wonderful gift from a great friend and very talented photographer. Treasured memories indeed.


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2 responses to “Love Letters – With True Grit & Amazing Grace

  1. LOVE these shots! Huge fan of tattoos and these are so vivid. Beautifully captured

  2. These are awesome. Shot in such a fun way. And of course I love the ink!