Introducing Acacia Floristry


Today I get to introduce you to the wonderful Jodie, the creator of the fabulous designs of Acacia Floristry. Jodie’s designs include both fresh flowers and glittering brooch bouquets.

Nikki Kirk Photography for Acacia Floristry

My name’s Jodie, I own Acacia and have been a florist for a very long time!

My love of the industry began when I started bunking off school to work on weddings midweek, (maybe it was the thrill of hiding under the work bench, every time a teacher came in the shop, that got me hooked)


I live on the border between Wiltshire and the Cotswolds with my hubby, two kids Liv and Jazy, and an evil black cat that hates me!

I’ve booked in for my first tattoo with my husbands artist, and for the first time ever I’m struggling with design, half the reason why I read Marry Me Ink!!


I take my inspiration for work from nature; the changing seasons, and the ethos that there is no bigger ‘trend’ for a wedding than Mother Nature herself when it comes to flowers! (Urgh ‘trend’ I hate that word!)

“I would never recommend a style for any of my brides, as they seem to come to me with a style all of their own.”


My job is just to express this style through flowers with knowledge and skill.

This said, my ‘vintage’ brooch bouquets have become very popular lately, particularly with my tattooed brides!


How wonderful are Jodie’s creations? Why don’t you go and follow Acacia Floristry on Pinterest, Twitter and check out her Facebook page. Be sure to leave Jodie some love!

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