A Hand Built Story Of Love – Steph & Jordan


About four weeks ago, today’s tattooed groom Jordan posted multiple photos to the Marry Me Ink Facebook page and I was astounded – Firstly, because it’s usually the brides and the photographers that contact me to feature their wedding. Jordan is the first, of hopefully many grooms, to contact Marry Me Ink to feature their wedding. And secondly, because their wedding photos from Chris Glenn Photography are beautiful! 


The date that we met is not 100% known, for she was my bartender, and I was hers. I (Jordan) used to go to Steph’s bar, order a drink from her, and skip out because I was too nervous to actually speak to her besides ordering my usual gin and tonic.. One day before she moved to California she came into my bar and sat at a table drinking margaritas and eating tacos. I told her friend Matt “I’m going to make out with that kid before we move!” so we took a shot together and exchanged numbers.


I got blasted and blew her off. I thought I’d ruined every chance I had… Well thankfully the next day, she responded to my text and agreed to meet up with me that night at our local watering hole in Orlando Florida “The Lodge”. We hung out in the crows nest with all our friends who happened to be a lot of mutual ones, and just talked and had cocktails.. The night didn’t end there, we went back to her apartment and she showed me some of her art in person (stephwoodpaints.com) then just chit chatted some more. We still weren’t tired so we walked to my apartment, hopped on some bikes and legit rode until the sun came up.. We then watched a Silversun Pickups Unplugged video, and kissed to “lazy eye” which is our song now, and ever since that day we haven’t left each others side.


There were two highlights for me on our wedding day –  The first time I saw Steph in her wedding dress getting out of the limo to walk down the aisle, I damn near lost everything I had in me. And secondly, our first dance. We danced to City and Colour’s “We Found Each Other In The Dark” but I had one of my best friends interrupt the dance and acoustically play “lazy eye” for us.


We did everything from scratch, we built what we needed to build, we decorated everything possible and we made everything together. We are both very independent people so doing this together was so rewarding. 

For me, building the photobooth, and transforming my best friends bar “The Hammered Lamb” into my reception venue the way I wanted it was super rad, and hanging up a couple mason jar lanterns was fun. For Steph, she made all of her own bouquets. She also decorated her own wedding shoes, which she enjoyed.


I, Steph,  wanted to make sure my tattoos were exposed. I actually wanted to get a short wedding dress so you could see my leg tattoos as well, but I kept it classic and didn’t cut up my dress.

We both have “love” tattooed on our pointer fingers, and we are tattooing “TILL DEATH” on our ring fingers soon. We also each have our dog tattooed on us in different styles.


How amazing are Steph and Jordan. I am in love with everything about their wedding day. Thank you to them both and to the wonderful Chris Glenn Photography for sharing with Marry Me Ink today! Be sure to leave them some love!

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2 responses to “A Hand Built Story Of Love – Steph & Jordan

  1. Love these. Really different. The tattoos are simply beautiful! Seriously putting me in the mood to get some more ink!

  2. What a gorgeously creative couple! Both their tattoos are freakin awesome too.