Yield Design Co – The Endswell Collection


The Endswell Collection was born out of a desire to create memorable pieces that are meaningful because of their story, strong symbolism and high craft—not excessive adornment.”

Today I bring you a selection of stunning jewellery from Yield Design Co which is perfect for dainty fingers!


“Endswell blends traditional craft, modern technology and progressive values.”

We 3d print all the designs in wax before hand casting them in solid gold.” Explains Rachel of Endswell, “A nice blend of new and old technologies.


Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming had a vision for Endswell starting in late 2013 after designing the ‘Infinity’ pair of wedding bands for close friends. With Endswell, they set out to create a collection of rings imbued with meaning, true to today and made to stand the test of time.


How amazing are these rings? Be sure to check out the full collection online here and leave Endswell some love! 

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